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Style Your Bookshelf Like A Pro In 5 Simple Steps

 Bookshelves are the straightforward way to showcase who you are, what your taste in literature is. So, if you are someone surrounded by the ever-growing collection of this printed stuff all around in your abode, then you might have this fantastic bookshelf to give a home to your scattered literature, right?
Bookshelves are the best way to accommodate everything at one place. This will help you to create a reading nook, where you can sit and relax with your favourite romantic novel and a steaming cup of hot chocolate.
The Wooden Street has a unique collection of wooden bookshelves that could be a treat for eyes. The Heimo Bookshelf is a traditional looking bookshelf which attracted me because it looked like a decent place to store all my collection.

I was impressed with the finish and built of this fantastic shelf. You can refer this site, if you are looking for a wooden bookshelf for your abode. After purchasing this furniture, I found out ways to embellish this already stylish unit.
Making bookshelves a focal point in the room and sprucing them systematically is much of a concern. While there are various styles, you can stick to when decorating a book rack, but selecting and implementing the one that is ideal is a tough job.
As, I have tried these below-mentioned tricks and these were pretty effective, you can refer them. Let’s shape your book case with these fun, creative ideas.
1.Set your books according to a particular pattern:
Don’t directly pile up the books on the book racks, consider following a pattern. You can follow these pattern that lets you find the desired books in seconds.
1 Color-coded: It is known that we humans recognise many things by just the colours, then why not find books with the colours! Directly laminate the books according to the genre with different coloured papers. This will help you find the book faster.
2 Alphabetical order: This option is already followed by the libraries; it can also be followed by you. It can be according to the author's initial or book name initial.
3 Genre-based: Arrange the books on book case according to the genre.


2.Place other decorative items:
Make your way ahead of the books; a bookshelf is a lot more than what is known for. It is known to store the books you own, but the storage place can be used to store multiple entities which will enhance the look of the room as well as of the book rack.
Place decorative flower pots, glasses, rich ceramics and other beautiful stuff to get a gorgeous appeal. Reserve alternate columns for books and the other ones for appealing decorating pieces.

3. Minimal is the new more:
A bookshelf is a place to store the books and other decorative elements, but if some place is left vacant, then it is not necessary to fill them up with unnecessary items. This will make it look ugly and unpleasant.
Also, make sure that you don’t drop your mails, keys and mobile phones when you see an empty space in the square inch.

4.Pictures to keep the memories alive:
Keep your favourite tour photos framed and place these in some of the columns with your books. It will look like a perfect statement piece in your room. And, this way you will cherish your memories too.

5.Flowers to keep the freshness and fragrance:
In one column make two rows of books and feature a small flower vase in between them, this will act as a book holder and also splash colours on the wooden book shelf.
A bookshelf doesn’t have to be boring. Whether you own a traditional style or a more contemporary one, the ordinary looks can still be changed into a stylish appeal.
Mentioned above are some simple, stylish tips to transform your literature corner into a classier statement piece. Make your bookshelves a captivating entity in the living room or any room in the abode.
Use these tricks to flaunt a stylish bookshelf. For some unique designs of wooden book cases online, check Wooden Street. They have got an entire range of wooden furniture made out of solid wood including book racks.
You can even get the book shelves customised according to your requirements.