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Get your hands on the latest way to design your home. Wooden Street presents impressive range of home furnishings to reflect your style statement. Inspired by the top trends, our product range caters elegant and stylish options for furniture, home furnishings and home accessories.

What are the Different Dining Room Furniture Available at Wooden Street?

Every house has a dining table. Big or small, crowded or empty, pretty or very basic- a dining table is a mandatory requirement in different houses. It is the seat where the whole family can come together every once in a while. It is the place where you will cater to your guests. The dining table is an important part of home décor and you will get some of the most impressive designs at Wooden Street. This online portal is home to all kinds of solid wood dining room furniture that you could ever ask for. Here are some of the most impressive artifacts that you may stumble upon at Wooden Street.



  • The Extravagant Dining Tables:

If you a big, fancy apartment then it calls for a big dining table set up. There are many 6 seater and 8 seater dining table options available at Wooden Street to choose from.


  • Janet 8 Seater Dining Set:

The Janet is a table that is built for grandness. It is an 8 seater dining table and elegant dining room furniture to have in homes with an immense dining space. It is made from sheesham wood and this elaborate dining setup can hold all the family members at one go. The glossy honey finish is comfortable and has a welcoming character that is sure to brighten up your dining space.

  • Amoha Marble Top Dining Table:

If you are living in a modern-day apartment and looking forward to giving your dining room a stylish makeover, this table is for you. The Amoha is 6-seater formal dining room furniture set with a top made from white marble. This combination of natural wood and marble simply looks exquisite and brings a dashing flavor to your house. The best quality Sheesham wood was used to construct this table and it is strong enough to support the heavy marble tabletop and anything placed upon it.

  • Tables for Small Space:

There are modern apartments which lack in space. These places call for options which are compact and does not tale up a lot of space. You can go from among the many 2-seater and 4-seater options available at Wooden Street.


  • Boho 2 Seater Dining Table:

The Boho 2 Seater Dining Table is the kind of table for an eccentric. It is exquisitely carved and is given a very sophisticated design. The significant feature is the multicolored printed designs set centrally on the tabletop. This small setup may also serve as kitchen dining room furniture and is made from clear planks of sheesham wood. The legs are crafted through turnery operations and are very stable. You can be sure of using this durable table for a long time to come.

  • Clark Round 4 Seater Dining Table:

Of you are looking for rustic dining room furniture, the Clark Round 4 Seater Dining Table is the unit to choose from. It features an impressively rustic design that will give a grand look to any house. This 4 seater dining table from Wooden Street is made from great quality sheesham wood. It is an example of a round dining table that will take anyone’s breath away. The legs particularly are exquisitely carved and feature a very appealing look.Looking for solid wood dining room furniture, you will come across all kinds of options at Wooden Street. Whatever may your requirement be, you will find it at Wooden Street. The prices are quite reasonable and you also get many amazing offers and discounts. You can also call for a home delivery option for your table thus avoiding all the hassle of having to carry the bulky unit yourself.Check out the other dining room furniture range in our next post.


Here’s What Neha Sharma - Our Customer from Jaipur has to Say About Us

Ordered Adolph 8 seater dining set and Fager coffee table from Wooden Street. It was a very good experience being their customer. Delivery was right on time and the support team coordinates very well.

Source: http://www.woodenstreet.com/dining-room-furniture

5 Amazingly Designed Sofa Chairs For Your Living Room

Have you got tired of using those wooden chairs or two or three-seater sofas? Well, these sofa chairs are amazingly designed to give you the comfiest seating experience. Besides the comfort, this kind of sofa chair Online adds a small element of elegance and a joyful element of color to the décor. However, you can get a lot of options for these chairs on WoodenStreet to get the best quality manufacturing and the finest wooden base frame. 

Moreover, there is a wide variety of such couch chairs with different fabric options like floral prints, velvets and some bold colored fabrics form which you can choose the perfect couch chair that matches your interiors. So, let’s just see through some of the wonderful designs from WoodenStreet’s enormous collection-


  1. Joan Wingback Chair:-

Joan wingback chair is a contemporary design having a tall backrest in order to provide full support to your back and neck. This single sofa chair is crafted from the premium quality wood Sheesham wood which is well-known for its longevity and great strength. However, this design comprises of ultra-comfortable wings with an elegant overall design. 

Moreover, this tall backrest sofa chair can fit into any home décor as it is available in plenty of fabric options like velvet fabric, plain fabric, linen fabric, and printed fabric. 



  1. Adoree Lounge Chair:-

Adore lounge chair is the most adorable design form the whole collection of WoodenStreet and is grabbing the attention of all folks with its upholstered backrest. However, this sturdy lounge chair has been given the best quality wooden base frame made up of solid wood and is further wrapped with the finest quality fabric. Well, this elegant sofa chair has a tightly tufted backrest and plush upholstery which adds a charm to your living room. 

Well, you can see more fabric options on the official website of WoodenStreet including printed fabric, plain fabric, and the most classy premium velvet fabric.


  1. Danon Wingback Chair:-

This danon wingback chair s inspired from victorian era and has amazing wings that are further embossed to provide you sheer comfort. well, WoodenStreet never compromises on health and so is this sofa chair design which has a tall backrest. With this, your back and neck gets appropriate support. However, the most interesting part of these chairs is their legs as the front legs of this design are intricately carved keeping the back legs straight. 

Furthermore, the entire chair is upholstered in high-quality fabric material but the legs are wooden. And you can further choose the best suitable piece from various fabric options. 

  1. Alpina Lounge Chair:-

This lounge sofa chair is the simplest design and has wonderful wings embossed so that you can comfortably sit and relax. However, the basic frame of the chair is wooden and is crafted from solid wood mango wood and is further sprayed with an amazing teak finish to make it look classy. Moreover, this lounge chair has a cushioned seat in order to provide you the best seating experience while having a cup of coffee or relaxing after a long tiring day at work and watching TV.



  1. Alves Lounge Chair:-

This mango wood lounge chair is showcasing its elegance from every inch. Well, this chair is given the finest walnut finish to match the standards of your home décor. Moreover, the legs of the chair are a little curvy so that it can stand still and be stable.


Conclusion:- A lounge chair is the most important furniture of the living room and you can get it ordered online from WoodenStreet anywhere in India and get a lot of exciting offers.


Here’s What Kritika Paneri from Bangalore has to Say About Us

I Loved the wooden arm chair design, it is perfect in every aspect which I was looking for. The design is simple, comfortable for my kids and makes my living more attractive. The price was also affordable. Great work!!

6 Never Thought Ways To Decorate Your Dining Room Using Plates

Organizing a house is in fact far easier than decorating it. When it comes to the house decoration, every single person faces a hundred of different problems. Be it in the choice of the décor element or in the place itself, there are several factors which put people in a very compromising and dilemmatic situation, if not decided correctly. And when it comes to plates decoration, these problems are escalated further.

Ceramic plates that are present on Wooden Street are certainly quite versatile, and hence they can be easily used in home décor. On top of that, their fine design and architecture help you to beautify the interiors in an unimaginable way. However, you need to know the ways in which you can use these plates and decorate your home.


So, let’s have a look at the top six ways by which you can put the best use of these ceramic plates present on wooden Street.


Create A Collection With Different Plate Designs In Your Crockery Unit
If you have a separate display unit in your kitchen, you can use the furniture to the fullest to highlight your wonderful collection of dinner plates bought from Wooden Street. It will be best if the display cabinet has glass doors since then you can keep them out in open for the eyes of the onlookers. However, make sure you are properly placing the plates inside the cabinet. There should be enough space between each plate having different design so that you can attract the attention to each such piece.


Use The Plain Plate To Do Some Art Work For Wall Art
If you are a freak of art and craft, it’s time to show your skills. The ceramic white dinner plate and the ceramic handcrafted cream dinner plate can be used as the base for your art work. You can use these serving plates to paint your imagination, create wonderful scenarios and do other forms of art and craft in it. Once the art is done, you can use the plates as your wall décor element.


You Can Hang The Plates Around A Frameless Mirror In Your Living Room
Mirrors are obviously a great home décor element but you cannot use it alone, especially if we are talking about a frameless mirror. In such scenarios, the ceramic plates online India found on Wooden Street will help you a lot in achieving the best look. Simply, place the plates on the walls around the circular mirror at a radial distance. This will create a mix and match look and the mirror will add more depth to the plates.


Layer The Plates With Other Crockery Units In Your Kitchen Come Dining Area
In case you don’t have any special display cabinet furniture in the kitchen, you can use the kitchen wall counters to display your collection of ceramic serving plates. However, while doing this make sure that you are using other cutleries also to layer the plates.


Use The Plates To Decorate The Corner Pillar Of The Dining Room
As we are talking about the dinner plates, their primary use will be in the dining room. And so, here is a great idea of using them- in case you have a pillar in the dining space which is causing an instruction in the interior décor, hang the plates on the pillar wall in a vertical line, keeping a minimum distance between each plate.

Create A Small Garden With The Base As The Ceramic Plate
Lastly, you can use these plates to create a miniature garden and keep that garden unit in the foyer to decorate the area.


The serving plates present on wooden Street can be put to use in multiple ways. They are indeed quite versatile and that’s why buying them won’t go in vain.

Mr. Tarun and Mrs. Anju Chugh had recently shifted to Bangalore with their son. They had come and settled all the way from Delhi and therefore wanted a fresh start with a new home and new furniture. The couple came to know about Wooden Street through their kids, and soon, they were right in one of our Experience stores.


Mrs. Chugh is a hearty fan of Sheesham wood, and gladly, our store had everything of their liking. She said that, the moment they entered the store, it felt as if she had entered her father’s showroom. They were mightily impressed to find the superior quality of furniture. The store manager addressed them very well which impressed them more. Being informed of everything that could fit best within their home made it easy for the Chugh family to buy the right furniture.


Timely information and delivery, regular compliments from guests, and the finest quality of furniture – we are glad to serve everything to our customers.


Explore more into our world of wooden furniture, bonded with Love

Website: https://www.woodenstreet.com/
E-mail: care@woodenstreet.com
Contact No.: +91-9314444747

6 Best Looking Rugs And Carpets to Elevate The Interiors Of Your Home

The rugs and carpets can be placed anywhere in your home and in multiple formats. Be it the kitchen or the balcony, you can use these rugs and carpets online to aesthetically decorate the floors and make it warmer and inviting for the eye. Considering this very benefit of rugs, Wooden Street has housed some of the best designs of carpets that will certainly elevate the serene beauty and flawless divinity of your home. So, if you are looking for a new carpet for home, here are top six rug pieces that you can try.

Contract Polyester Yarn 3D Printed Vintage Persian Multicolour Carpet:
The entire design of this living room carpet symbolises the Persian culture, and hence it is one of the best carpets you can have for your home. Ornate styled geometric patterns are present on the surface with beautifully designed lines which demarcate the patterns. On the four sides of the carpet, there is a different design with different colour shades which complement the blue dominant colour of the carpet.



Blue Washed Vintage Nylon Carpet:
For a washed vintage carpet for home, this particular unit does look flawless. The base has a washed beige color on which you will find ornate designs done with shades of orange, pink, blue and purple. On the edges, there is a corner design which has the prominent shades of blue, purple and violet with tinge of yellow and orange.


Blue Hand Woven Kilim Wool Dhurrie:
This is another Kilim art wood carpet from Wooden Street which is indeed capable for making sure that your house will never look dull for another time. The sides of carpet have woolen fringes which looks amicable against the intricate art done on the main surface of the hand woven carpet. It has shades of blue, grey, beige and even white mixed in a way where each color is complementing the other one.

Yellow Washed Vintage Nylon Rug:
Having vibrant shades of yellow, blue and grey, this particular carpet for floor has a vintage look which is indeed quite suiting for any kind of interior décor. On top of this, it is the washed design of the carpet which makes it look subtle and divine and hence can be placed anywhere in your entire home.

Ivory Herringbone Hand Woven Dhurrie:
If you are in love with geometric patterned online rugs, then this particular home décor accessory will be too perfect for you to ignore. Here, rectangular patterned boxes are arranged in a single line while the lines adjacent to it have the boxes aligned in the opposite direction. Blue, yellow, grey, black and white are the five colors which are prominent in this particular hand woven carpet.



Rust Hand Woven Kilim Pattern Wool Dhurrie:
Kilim pattern has become quite popular in the recent years. This Middle-eastern design has a lot of historic tales associated with it and hence, it’s warmth and plush nature can never be ignored. In this particular carpet for home, the Kilim pattern has a rust color shade with grey and black border shades to highlight the rust look of the hand woven carpet.

Conclusion: People mainly think that all the decorations should be either on the walls or around the available space in the room. However, according to many, no decorations should be done on the floors since hardly anyone notices this particular area of the house. However, in reality, when someone enters a room, it is the floors which attract the attention first than anything else present in the room. Also, you can never ignore the presence of this particular section of your house and hence, making it cozy and plush for living has become sort of mandatory for many people. Perhaps these are two primary reasons because of which the rugs and carpets are becoming so popular amongst the Indians.

Want To Redecorate The Bed With New Bedsheets? Here’s The Perfect Place

Spring is already knocking at the door and hence, it is the right time to redecorate your entire home so as to start this new year of seasons with a happy and radiant smile. And, the first thing to start with is the bed sheets. Now, it is not every day you replace your entire stock of linen covers with a new one and so, the choice of a shop has never concerned you much. However, as we are discussing about a complete redecoration, it is mandatory that you choose the shop wisely so that the sheets are of the optimum quality and ethereal beauty.
Concerning this, we would like to say that Wooden Street has housed in almost forty different printed bed sheets, where each of them is eccentric on their own. Even though the shop is well known in the furniture market, very people know this shop for their accessory collections. So, today, we are going to give an insight into the shop itself and why it is a perfect place from where you can promptly buy your favourite bed sheet.
Wooden Street Has Variety of Products to Suit Your Needs The very first reason for which you can choose Wooden Street with ease is the abundance of variety in the cotton bed sheets online.

Basically, the variety has been introduced in two forms:
1. Designs of the bed sheet
2. Patterns drawn on the sheets

There are modern designed sheets, floral printed bed sheets, and even mesh printed bed sheets present on Wooden Street. With such a long list, it’s quite fun to restock the bed covers for this new Spring season. For your advantage, we have mentioned some of the best and most chosen bed sheets of Wooden Street.
1. Victory Pine Hand Block Print Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
2. Multicolour Bagru Print Hand Block Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
3. Pink and Indigo Screen Block Print Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
4. Red Screen Block Print Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
5. Black Screen Block Print Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
6. Black Screen Block Print Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers
7. Yellow Screen Block Print Double Bed Sheet With Pillow Covers


Every Bed Sheet Is Made Of Pure Cotton With High Quality:
All the bed sheets of Wooden Street are made from pure cotton, with no variation in the raw fabric. This is why their bed sheets are very soft with brilliant texture. The cotton fabrics have straight weaves which makes it highly fluffy and durable too. With the use of cotton, these sheets can be used in the summer season also.

A Perfect And Durable Thread Count:
The thread count signifies how soft and fluffy the sheets will be and hence, a high thread count means durable, comfortable and a lavish bed sheet. This is why Wooden Street has kept the thread count to be around 144 in their sheets which make those accessories more amicable for a peaceful sleep for the entire night.

Affordable Price Range:
Another reason for choosing Wooden Street for buying the cotton bed sheets online is that you will get those sheets in an affordable range which is indeed very important in case you are planning to replace your entire bed cover stock for the onslaught of the new seasonal year.


Bed Sheets Come With Pillow Cover Sets:
All the bed sheets from Wooden Street are accompanied with pillow sets which make them more viable for buying. These pillow covers are mainly for the medium sized pillows which are present in most of the houses.

Conclusion:In conclusion, we can say that the shop is one of the best places from where you can buy the cotton bed sheets without any worry about their durability, texture and even the looks.

Most Accessible Bar Trolley Designs You Need For Your Home Bar

Setting up a bar at home is not an easy job. You need to look after a number of things. Space, the collection of your alcohol, and the furniture that you need to set up a bar are some of the most important considerations to observe. When it comes to choosing appropriate bar furniture, there are many furniture stores that come out and bring the best solutions for you.
The bar at home has become one of the latest trends of the present time and a majority of people are giving this concept a thumbs up. You can explore some of the leading furniture stores and buy the best bar furniture such as bar cabinet as well as bar trolleys for your home bar. There are many online furniture stores that sell the best bar trolley designs at the most nominal prices.
Wooden Street is one such online furniture store that has an extensive collection of bar furniture for you. Whether it is a bar trolley or a bar cart design ideas – you can access anything and everything at Wooden Street and buy it at the most nominal prices. Furthermore, you can always make the most of the best deals and discounts that this online furniture has for you.
Here are some of the most sought-after bar trolley designs that you can buy from


Wooden Street to make your bar at home look efficient and aesthetically appealing:

1. Hesper Bar Trolley:
This bar trolley design is one of the most popular options that you can pick from Wooden Street. The best thing about this bar trolley is that it comes with many storage areas in it. There are a number of drawers, shelves, bottle holders, as well as a wooden tray. Thus, you can use this bar trolley efficiently.

This bar furniture is made in high-quality Sheesham wood material. The honey finish of this trolley makes it look beautiful and appealing. You can customize the finish options in teak and walnut as well.



2. Slany Bar Trolley:
This is one of the best bar cart design ideas that finds its place on Wooden Street. This bar trolley has been designed very wisely to provide you with sufficient space to store all your bar essentials in one place.

The unit comprises bottle holders and cupboards on one side as well as a table on the other. This bar trolley is designed in high-quality Sheesham wood. There are three different finish options to pick from.


3. Bestro Bar Trolley:
If you are looking for something very accessible and easygoing, this bar trolley design is the best option to invest in. This bar trolley comes with an open rack design that lets you access it very easily without making any extra efforts.

This amazing-looking bar furniture is aesthetically appealing as well. It is made in good-quality Sheesham wood. The mahogany finish on this bar trolley design makes it look very contemporary and regal. Find it on Wooden Street.


4. Mendel Bar Trolley:
This beautiful-looking bar trolley design is a must-buy option from Wooden Street. It will not disappoint you in terms of storage space as there are many options available where you can store all your bar essentials.

This bar trolley design is carved out of high-quality Sheesham wood material. There is a honey finish option which is the most popular among the people. You can buy this bar cart in other finish options as well.



Conclusion-Explore some of the most amazing bar trolley designs and bar cart design ideas only on Wooden Street and buy everything at the most nominal prices. Wooden Street is always there to help you out in choosing the best bar furniture.


Latest Designs of 3 seater Sofa To Make Your Living Room Perfect

Living room is one space in the home which needs to be perfect in every sense. It is so because every person who is going to visit the house is going to sit in the living room. Although, it is most used space in the home.


Therefore, it should have appealing and beautiful overall look. This can only be possible if one has elegant and beautiful 3 seater sofa in their living room. Three seater sofa are very much in trend these days. The design in three seater sofas are beautiful and easily suits the vibe of the home space. They can be either combined with other set of the sofa or can be placed single as well.



The market place, offline as well as online is flooded with designs of three seater sofa. People can get great design under every budget, material, color etc. WoodenStreet offers great designs in 3 seater sofa.


Every design is better than the other and under very nominal prices. Every detail related to the sofas are given by WoodenStreet. There’s nothing better than having three seater sofa with great variety of designs at one place. Here are some of the designs in three seater sofa which one can choose:



Henry 3 Seater Sofa

This is the bestselling sofa in 3 seater of WoodenStreet. The sofa designs defines class and elegance. It has tufted headboard of fabric which looks beautiful. The material used in the making of this sofa is velvet. This design is also available in two seater sofa and single seater sofa. The dimensions of the 3 seater sofa are 78L X 32W X 20H. It can be customized in fabric plain, D décor fabric and premium velvet. All these material have different color options as well. WoodenStreet offers this sofa at the price of Rs.41, 999.



Berlin 3 Seater Sofa

The people who are into mid-century designs with a modern twist then this is the design for them. The design of the sofa is box like and has tapered legs with upholstered design. The design is classic and very suitable for every kind of home interior. This design is also available in both two seater sofa and single seater sofa. But the dimensions of three seater sofa are 72L X 30W X 30H. It can be customized in plain fabric, printed fabric, premium velvet or D décor fabric with color options. WoodenStreet offers this design at the price of Rs.36, 999 which is after 38% off.




Parker 3 Seater Sofa

The luxurious looking and edgy design of this sofa brings new vibe to the whole living room space. The sofa has set-back rolled arms with nail head sofa detailing. The external look of the sofa is upholstered with tapered legs. It can be customized in fabric plain, printed fabric, premium velvet and linen fabric. The design is also available in two seater sofa and single seater sofa. The dimensions of this sofa are 78L X 33W X 34H. WoodenStreet offers this design at the price of Rs.39, 989 after 33% off.


Richie 3 Seater Sofa

The clean quilted tuft design of the sofa is beautiful and elegant. It is very modern with mid-century tapered legs. The wood used in making the legs are of high quality. The design is available in other two options: two seater sofa and single seater sofa. The material available in this design are fabric plain and premium velvet. WoodenStreet offers this design at the price of Rs.37, 989 and is delivered between 5-7weeks.




All these designs of 3-seater sofas are latest at WoodenStreet and is not available at any other market place. Therefore, getting hands on them will be lucky for the customers.

What Customer had to Say About us?

Quoted by one such happy customer Ipsita Patnaik from Bangalore “Amazing product! Am much impressed with the timely delivery of WoodenStreet. The delivery guys came for the installation were very kind. Also, the other sales and support members helped me a lot during the whole process. Quality is superb. Highly recommended!!”

5 Fancy Coasters Your Coffee Mug Needs Right Away

You need to buy coasters if you want to protect your tea, coffee or dining table from all kinds of unwanted stains. Glasses, tea mugs, and coffee mugs usually stain your tables if you do not keep a coaster beneath the same. You don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your tea or coffee table anymore. All you are required to do is to look for the best table coasters for your table.

There are many leading online stores from where you can buy the most good-looking and efficient coasters for your coffee mugs. Wooden Street is one such platform that helps you choose from among the best coasters for your table. You will find a multitude of coaster designs on Wooden Street that could be bought at the most nominal prices.
This online store has a variety of furniture and decorative items available for you. All you are required to do is to visit this online store. The table coasters available on Wooden Street are surely going to enhance the look of your coffee table or dining table. Here are some of the most amazing choices of table coasters that you can look forward to buying from Wooden Street.


1.Ethnic Leaf Wooden Coasters:
This coaster set comprises of 4 wooden coasters that have a beautiful leaf design carved on the same. The beautiful and traditional appearance of these coasters can catch anyone’s eye. This product is full of utility as well. Place it on your tea table and dining table and you will be able to save it from all the unwanted stains. Buy it at the best prices from Wooden Street.

2.Hand Crafted Yellow Ethnic Wooden Hand Coasters:
If you are looking for something really exquisite, make this set of table coasters your choice. This product is a set of 6 tea or table coasters that can be bought from Wooden Street at the best prices. The design of this table coasters is inspired by tribal art forms. The hand painting done on these coasters make them look amazing.

3.Blue Manadala Ceramic Coasters:
This is one of the most popular choices of coasters available on Wooden Street. This set of 6 table coasters is a must-buy to improve the efficiency as well as aesthetics of your tea or dining table. The unique design of these table coasters makes it a go-to option for one and all. These coasters are hand-crafted by the leading artists. The elegant and ethnic touch on these coasters makes them a sought-after option for many people. The rubber pads prevent your table from developing scratches.

4.Handmade Wooden Coffee Coasters:
These round wooden coasters are made by the hands of the leading artists. They are a piece of art. The wooden shape of these coffee coasters makes them look aesthetically appealing in the first place. These coasters are easy to maintain as well. Add this set of 4 coasters to your collection and use them to protect your table against all the unwanted stains. You can buy these coasters at the best prices from Wooden Street. This is a coaster set with holder.

5.White Sea Shells Coasters:
This is yet another coaster set with holder that you can buy from Wooden Street. The sea shell-like appearance of this coaster makes it an elegant option to buy in the first place. This product is surely going to charm the existing décor of your dining area. This beautiful collection of 6 coasters can be used efficiently to place your tea or coffee mugs on the tea tables. Wipe it using a damp cloth for cleaning.


Explore the amazing collection of table coasters at Wooden Street and choose the best one for your dining area. Buy these table coasters at the most nominal prices. Hurry up.

Sagarika Malik and her family were on the lookout for furniture to set up their 3BHK apartment in Pavani Sarovar, Bengaluru. Sagarika had been browsing to find an exclusive furniture range, and that was when she came across WoodenStreet.


She installed the app to get a better experience, and the next thing was a list of furniture that had been added to her cart.


What impressed her the most was Sheesham wood furniture, as she was well-versed with how durable furniture made in Sheesham is. Therefore, she placed the orders for custom Bolivia storage bed, Sereta sofa-cum-berth, and a pair of Barath bar chairs.

They are glad with the services of WoodenStreet and their friends too were impressed with the furniture collection.

Happy to hear and Happy to serve.


Explore more into our world of wooden furniture, bonded with Love

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Visit Our Store:
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Address: 232 & 234, 1st Floor, Banaswadi, 100 Feet Rd, opp. State Bank of India, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
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With every furniture, we aim to make every customer’s story a happy one. This is the story of Mr. Ashish Raina from Bengaluru.


After searching across multiple stores, Mr. Ashish and family finally deiced to stick with WoodenStreet because they were impressed with the designs, use of solidwood and the flexibility of customisation.


From easily finding all the product details to the availability of different finish options, their shopping experience was extremely great. With this, Mr. Ashish said, “We also liked the customisation option which allowed us to change the furniture as per our requirement.” This also meant that, without physically commuting to the store, they were able to explore all their options on the website from the comfort of their home.

“And WoodenStreet accepted all the changes which was pretty good with us”, he further added.


The family has been using our furniture from the past 8 months and is enjoying it. Mr. Raina also said that they will be happy to continue this relationship in future endeavours as well. And WoodenStreet will always be pleasured to fulfil their furniture needs.


Explore more into our world of wooden furniture, bonded with Love

Website: https://www.woodenstreet.com/
E-mail: care@woodenstreet.com
Contact No.: +91-9314444747


Visit Our Store:
Address: No. 240/A, 1st Floor, 27th Main Road, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank, Sector 2, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102
Google Maps: https://g.page/woodenstreetfurniturebangalore?share


Address: 232 & 234, 1st Floor, Banaswadi, 100 Feet Rd, opp. State Bank of India, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043
Google Maps: https://g.page/woodenstreetfurniturekalyannagar?share


Address: 704, Varthur Rd, Palm Meadows, Siddapura, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066
Google Maps: https://g.page/woodenstreetfurniturewhitefield?share

WoodenStreet Review,
WoodenStreet Reviews,
wooden street reviews
Wooden street review,
WoodenStreet Customer Review,
WoodenStreet Customer Reviews,
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6 Never-To-Miss Computer Tables To Have For Your Study Room

When you work with computers, you do need a large area to keep the place organized and clutter free. Also, as the computer tables for home can be used as a study table also, the furniture has become imminent for children and workaholics. This can be considered as one of the reasons why Wooden Street has housed in a magnificent collection of various computer tables.

All of their furniture units are excellent in looks and have enhanced functionalities. Hence, you can use the computer table online India for keeping the monitor, the CPU and other accessories as well as for storing your books, files, documents and so on. So, without wasting any more time in other talks, let’s have a look at the best six designs of the furniture you can see one Wooden Street.


Hawkins Solid Wooden Computer Desk
This is one of the best computer tables present on Woodhen Street which actually has received quite a lot of appraisals, thanks to it’s impeccable architecture and functionality. The design of the furniture is very sharp and clean- one of the many reasons for the increasing popularity of the furniture. The tabletop has a pull-out tray come drawer which can be used to keep the keyboard. Apart from this, just below this structure, there is a wooden shelf which can be used to keep the files, the books and other essential things.


Candy Study Table
Indeed, the Candy computer table India is one of the humongous structures you will ever find on Wooden Street. Perhaps this is why the furniture can be used as both the computer table and a bookshelf at the same time. You can actually consider this furniture as a separate world since it has got a standing three compartment bookshelf, a set of cubbies for keeping the files, and small essentials and a proper tabletop for keeping the laptop or the desktop.


Brason Study Table
The Brason study table indeed has a very cleaner structure which highlights the beauty of this furniture unit. This small computer table can be kept in your bedroom too instead of the study and hence will be a great addition to your existing furniture list. Coming to the design, on the right side of the furniture, there is a chest of four small drawers while on the left side, you will have a cabinet.


Jerome Adjustable Study Table Cum Bookshelf
The Jerome table is one of the most flexible and versatile furniture units ever found on Wooden Street. This particular computer table online India has an adjustable tabletop which you can use while sitting on the floor as well as in a chair. The chest of drawers can be used separately too since it has wheels which makes it kind of portable.


Adolf Study Table With Drawers
The Adolf computer table India is a pure form of innovation and modernism and hence it has become one of the most popular furniture units in Wooden Street. There is a frameless cabinet structure on top of the tabletop which is connected with a bookshelf standing right beside the main workstation area. The table structure also has a chest of drawers which can be used in multiple ways.


Alkin Study Table
The Alkin study table was perhaps designed solely for helping you to work comfortably on your computer or laptop. There is a keyboard tray integrated with the tabletop structure in this small computer table. On the left side of the table, the legs have been transformed into a thick cubby structure which you can use as per your convenience.


Having a proper table dedicated for your computer and other accessories is one of the few necessities of your daily life that you can never ignore. The computer tables have proven to be quite useful in enhancing the studies and increasing the productivity in the recent years. This is why perhaps people are now looking for more and more concise designs of the furniture unit to organize their work essentials in a single place.

5 Beautiful Display Units And Racks For Every Home

Display units are highly used to keep all beautiful and decorative things in an organized manner. There are a wide variety of Wooden display units that are available for you to make your pick from. When it comes to display or showcase your decor items, a display unit is the most recommended. You can display your awards, souvenirs, book collections, decorative items, photo frames, vases and so much more.


The most preferred types are the solid wood display units that offer reliability and will last you for years to come. Meanwhile,

let's have a look at the 5 best designs of display racks for your home.


1. Tristan Display Unit (Honey Finish):
The Tristan Display Unit is a beautiful piece of furniture that can be used to showcase your beautiful artifacts and other items. This furniture can be put to use in multiple ways. They act as the focal point of the room and are sure to steal tons of attention from your guests.

It is crafted using the solid Sheesham wood which is quite sturdy. The piece of furniture has a sleek Honey Finish over it which adds to the charm of the model. You can look for display units online at Wooden Street.


2. Gemini Display Unit (Honey Finish):
The Gemini Display Unit is another attractive piece of furniture that comes in a Honey Finish polish. The product is a star attraction and has an ample amount of space to store any kind of item. Additionally, the piece of furniture has enclosed drawers where you can arrange other essentials as well. It is a functional piece of furniture that is definitely a must-buy for all. It is created using high-quality Sheesham wood. The product is available in different finishes and you can select the ones you like the most.


3. Thames Display Unit (Honey Finish):
The Thames Display Unit is an exotic piece of display rack that is perfect for modern as well as traditional homes. The product is polished in a beautiful Honey Finish that adds to the elegance of the product. It has a spacious countertop with a nice amount of shelves to store books or other items. The unit is available in three finishes of Teak Finish, Honey Finish, and Walnut Finish. For interesting designs on display units, visit the Wooden Street website.


4. Ventus Display Unit (Walnut Finish):
The Ventus Display Unit is a true beauty in every sense. Simply add to any corner and transform your homes into a trendy place. The product has a sleek Walnut Finish and is available in other finishes of Teak Finish and Honey Finish. If you have any empty wall, you can simply place this display unit and complete the look for the area. The internal structure is made using Sheesham wood and is perfect for every home.

5. Barrett Display Unit (Honey Finish):
The Barrett Display Unit is great furniture that can be added to your living room. The piece of furniture has an attractive design that will make this model a showstopper. Every shelf is divided into two with vertical slanted racks. If you would like to see more display units online, kindly visit the Wooden Street website now. You can also customize the furniture as per your requirements.


Display units and racks are a great way to add some decor to your room. They serve a way to display your beautiful artifacts and other decorative items. Visit the Wooden Street website now to get amazing deals and offers for every product. Make your purchases from the best in town.

Tharun and Vini Joseph, our recent customers from Oceanus Vista, Kasavanahalli, Bengaluru, were looking for good solid wood furniture for their apartment. Hearing of WoodenStreet from a friend, they did some research online and were impressed by the positive reviews. They finally decided to visit our experience store in HSR Layout, Bengaluru.


Both of them were quite impressed with our customization services and said that there was no interruption to their ideas and thought process. In Mrs. Vini's words, the entire experience was hassle-free for them.


In the end, Mr. Tharun & Mrs. Vini's smile said it all when they received their favourite furniture... bonded with love.

Mr. Tharun further said, "We are looking forward to buy more items for our house and now we don't have any confusion about where to go."


WoodenStreet will always feel pleasured to serve the needs of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph.

Stay tuned to listen to the tales of more such Happy Customers!


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WoodenStreet Review,
WoodenStreet Reviews,
wooden street reviews
Wooden street review,
WoodenStreet Customer Review,
WoodenStreet Customer Reviews,
wooden street furniture reviews,
wooden street furniture reviews,
Wooden Street Furniture
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A perfect example of comfort and beauty, this bed employs traditional-farmhouse design and masterful finishing techniques. Our Martin Bed without storage is a playfully imaginative design, evident on the headboard, that adds a touch of unique personality to a bedroom. Combine this with our Martin bedside tables and wardrobe for a cohesive look.


Indian Rosewood’s grain pattern is flauntingly visible all over the surface, with an overlay of wooden finishes, available in walnut, honey, and teak shades.

The beds at WoodenStreet can be further transformed on demand with the customization facility.


Browse through the extensive collection of beds, with and without storage, and subscribe to our channel to get notified for hot updates like latest designs, seasonal discounts and much more.


Buy Martin Bed without Storage with Up to 55% OFF - Wooden Street
Visit: https://www.woodenstreet.com/martin-bed-without-storage


Explore Full Range of Wooden Double Beds Online @Wooden Street
Visit: https://www.woodenstreet.com/double-beds


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“90% of the furniture that we have in our home is from WoodenStreet.”

Gururaj and Laxmi Ramamoorthy, a couple hailing from Bangalore, were looking to complement the greenery around their apartment through wooden furniture. They came across WoodenStreet through an article and decided to give it a try.


Mrs. Laxmi said, “I got to see on their website that they have a lot of customization options and that was like a clincher for us as we found furniture that (could be) adjusted to our taste.”


The couple is extremely satisfied with all the services offered. Mr. Gururaj even said that he would love to recommend WoodenStreet to everyone for buying solid wood furniture.

WoodenStreet is always delighted to serve the needs of such people. Adding Mr. & Mrs. Ramamoorthy to our catalogue of Happy Customers is like a feather in our cap.


Explore more into our world of Wooden Furniture... bonded with Love.

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