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Get your hands on the latest way to design your home. Wooden Street presents impressive range of home furnishings to reflect your style statement. Inspired by the top trends, our product range caters elegant and stylish options for furniture, home furnishings and home accessories.

6 Types of Sofa Sets To Make Your Living Room Classy And Cozy

The sofa sets are a primary unit of the furniture for any style of living room. In accordance with the different themes, interiors, and purposes, the different sofas are designed.


You can find a wide range of sofa sets such as wooden sofas, fabric sofas, 2 seater sofas, 3 seater sofas, chesterfield sofas, chaise lounge, lounge chair and many more.


Buying every type of items in just a few clicks and getting them delivered at doorstep from online stores is getting popular these days. If you are planning to buy or design your sofa set from an online furniture store, you can get different choices according to your requirements at Wooden Street.


With so many choices for sofa sets available in the furniture market, offering various amenities, it can be confusing to choose the style of sofa set that fulfils all your needs. Therefore, here's a rundown of various types of sofa sets which can cater to the needs of every style of home interior.


Take a look.


L Shaped Corner Sofas :

This style of sofa sets is designed to use the corner space of any room more efficiently. This style of sofa extinguishes the need to purchase various sofas to form a whole sofa set. This furniture unit can easily accommodate 5 to 6 people on a single piece.


In the furniture market, L shaped corner sofas comes in both the wooden as well as upholstered alternatives.


Chaise Lounge:

If you are looking for the furniture unit which should be a lavish and trendy unit that gives a stunning designer look to the interior of the living area, the chaise lounge is the perfect option. This style of sofas is comfy and royal units that give a unique look to the interior of the room.


Leather Sofas:

Want to give a luxurious feel to the interior of your living area? Well, then the leather sofa sets are perfect and give a classy look. This style of units is covered in either leatherette or leather (also known as artificial or faux leather). This style of sofas is upholstered sofa sets which comes with deep-buttoned tufting.


Chesterfield Sofas:

This style of sofa set was introduced in Chesterfield for the Duke, and so it is called as Chesterfield sofas. For modern-time decors of room, this style of sofa is an ideal choice. The key traits of this style of the sofa are a wider and deep seat, low height and enveloped fully in upholstery fabric. The options for upholstery are velvet, leatherette, leather, cotton or any other.


Sofa Cum Beds:

Sofa cum bed is multi-utility sofa set. You can use this unit as a sofa in the daytime and can be easily converted into a bed at a night time. This furniture unit comes with the option of both wooden as well as upholstered. People who are living in compact apartments; for them, this furniture unit is the perfect option.


You can say that this style of sofa is quite beneficial because one can easily buy the two units at the cost of just one.



In Japan, futons are the mattresses which were used in ancient times. You can easily fold this mattress and convert it into a wonderful seating piece like a sofa. This sofa set comes in different sizes for providing various sleeping units.


Also, the futons are available in a wide range of colours, so that you can choose according to the decor of your room.


Conclusion :


For modern times of the living areas, the sofa is the primary unit of the furniture. This furniture unit is available in a wide range of designs and styles; you can easily buy them according to the room interior of your home.


If you are planning to buy sofa sets online, you can get perfect units at Wooden Street and enjoy family time or entertainment sessions comfortably. 


What are you waiting for? Book wooden single bed online in just a few clicks for your lovely abode before the HOLI sale ends and also get 20% extra off.


To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 woodenstreet.com.

Decor Announcement: Create Your Home’s Story through the Living Room Furniture Designs

Have you thought that what makes the living room complete? What makes them infuse a touch of good aesthetics? What are the things that tie the whole nook together?
And, the answer to all these is undoubtedly the living room furniture designs.
From start your morning prayer with the perfect home temple to entertaining yourself through the tv unit, your living room tends to be the social hub and centre point of your home.


But, the main point is what the living room furniture designs that make it a complete are?

Saying that, the purpose of all these can be solved precisely by Wooden Street’s 15+ modern living room furniture design.


Out of that, in this column today, I’ve summed up the 5 must-have designs to include for living room furniture:


Home Temple


Whether it’s a start of the day or end of it, the home temple is an essential part of every living room furniture design. Agree or not?


With having a pooja mandir at home, they infuse the touch of positive vibes all around. And, from free-standing to wall mounted designs, Wooden Street has everything to bring the style-statement in the room.


For example, the Bhagavati Home Temple is the perfect example of a free-standing home temple in living room furniture design while you can glance at Vadim for wall mounted one. And, the best part is that whether freestanding or wall mounted; both the design contains ample space for all your pooja essentials.


TV Unit


From adding spice in your family time to offer a dedicated place to your living essentials, Tv units offer both. The high-quality solid wood tv units can be the focal point of your living space.


From tv stand to wall mounted and Industrial ones, there is a widest of range in living room decoration design available at Wooden Street.


Coffee Table


A living room without a coffee table? Isn't it sounds incomplete? Congrats, with a whole lot of varieties in modern and contemporary living room furniture design in the coffee table at Wooden Street; your space cannot sound incomplete!


Coffee table with storage or without, we own the widest of range in traditional, contempo and modern furniture designs for a living room. Surf through different designs from the website.


The Chair


Another modern furniture design for a living room that can take all the limelight is none other than the chairs. From lounge chair to wingback to arm and rocking chairs, we have a variety of collection for every chair design in living room furniture.


The Adoree lounge chair, Joan wingback chair and like rocking chair are the ones from which you cannot take your eyes off.


Display Unit


A place to show your collection? The decorative embellishments or to keep the figurines and miniatures. Yes, you can say no to clutter and yes to decor with the living room decoration designs.


From a simple freestanding display unit to the L-shaped, loft and modern ones; the display unit collection at Wooden Street has the one for all solution. So, assemble your collection in one unit with the wall shelf or display unit living room furniture designs from Wooden Street.

Conclusion: Living room furniture design is an important part of your home. With the 15+ latest and modern living room furniture designs, allow your living room to scream out what your taste, your style, and comfort says.
You can get a wide variety of living room furniture designs at online furniture stores in India like Wooden Street. So, have fun choosing and fixing your new living room furniture through the decor ideas given above. Also, grab the benefits of festive season sale and enjoy up to 55% off.

5 Study Tables for a Captivating Study Time

A study table needs to be perfect in every aspect. It means it should be comfortable, fun, sturdy and the main thing is it should fulfil your requirements.

A study table plays an important role in boosting productivity as the more comfortable you will be in your study more you will be able to focus on your work.

Be it a kid, teenager, adult or anyone we all need this quintessential piece of furniture in our home. So, we at Wooden Street have rounded up five study tables for you to choose according to your space and requirements.


  1. Feldon Study Table cum Bookshelf: - A study table with bookshelf yes! You heard it right. This study table at Wooden Street comes with attached bookshelf beneath the table top.

This study table is a win-win situation for the people with compact space or who don’t have a dedicated study area. For using the study table, you have to pull down the first cabinet, and you will get the table top for study.

  1. Travis Study Table: - If you are someone with mature taste when it comes to furniture then this is the best pick for you. This study table is modest and basic in design.

This table has four spacious drawers on the one side which is adorned with the engraved block grid pattern and knobs to make the drawers open.  This one is also not a space dominating furniture which makes this table thumbs up for small space squad.

  1. Murphy Study Table: - This one is a stylish piece of study table to have in your home. If you are a writer, this can be your inspiration.

The design of this study table is very eye-catchy as the main focal point of this study table is the shape of its legs which is in cross-shaped. Though this piece is not at all a space dominating one but has enough storage to offer.


Murphy study table have three pull out drawers which are beneath the table top and three open shelves at the table top. Quite a fun and stylish study table.

  1. Picaro Wall Mount Table: - What comes for the rescue when you ran out of the floor space? Walls. And when you don’t have a dedicated place for study table you have wall mount study table.

Curves are in! This study table has curvy edges with three open shelves to offer. You can hang this according to your preference and requirements. Also, all our furniture is crafted from solid wood which makes this a sturdy option to have.

  1. Serra Study Table with Storage: - Industrial furniture has gained popularity over the past decade as it looks edgy, minimal and chic.

The design of this study table is a perfect blend of metal edges with solid wood planks and available in natural finish. This study table offers you storage with the cabinets on the upper side of this study table.


Overall it is a good call if you have a dedicated place for your study and wants to add some rustic charm while doing your work.

So, these were some of the study tables by Wooden Street for more design you can visit our website woodenstreet. Here you will get all the furniture crafted in solid wood.

You can also customize the products with us, for placing an order or want to go for the tailor-made option you can call us at +91-9314444747.

Establish a Center of Attraction to your Living with Center Table Designs

Center tables are like default furniture to be added to the living. But why to settle the pretty ladies around lame furniture?

There are so many fascinating center table designs that will give a focal point to leave the ladies gaping. Obeying every theme, aura, and preference of the people, there are so many center table designs and coffee table designs that can be stellar.

Whether it be the ancient days or the modish era, there are center table designs for every home type. Some of these styles are mentioned below:

Modern Center Table Design

Modern thematic asks for an aura that is sleekly forged and stylishly carved. For a modish home of today’s era, a center table design like Lynet Coffee Table from Wooden Street is the perfect example.

This center table design holds extremely subtle yet functional carvings. Moreover, since we all know that bungalows have shifted flats, so we need furniture that cooperates even with a small home.

So, a coffee table design like Lynet has shelves at its sides for storage. Also, there is a slot in the middle so that you can comfortably watch your Game of Thrones episodes by placing the phone in the center.

Contemporary Center Table Design

Contemporary coffee table design calls for a furniture design that is so captivating that it can be eye-arresting even with subtle fabrication.

A center table design like Stacy Coffee Table from Wooden Street is one such example of contemporary furniture. It holds a head of glass with a wooden base.

So, you can even innovative the normal definition of posing a vase in the middle. As instead of posing it on top you can place it inside to let it array from the glass. Not the only vase but it can also be a fish pot or one with jelly bean.

In this way, it can be a coffee table design with a contemporary and charming appeal.  

English Center Table Design

Inspired by the tradition of England and carved like a stellar of Britain, there are center table designs just so modish.

Some coffee table designs like Freberg Center Table from Wooden Street are example of the same. It is a diagram carved with inward diagonals of legs and plinths at the top and the bottom.

These plinths are so broad that you can have a nice game of UNO with 5 people around. And its design is so astonishing that you will love it in your living.

Indian Center Table Design

Desi Swag in furniture can never be under rated. That is why furniture with traditional carvings are a total bliss to bring in Indian homes.

Just like these center table designs such as Maisie 6 Drawer Tea Table, Alanis Coffee Table, etc. from Wooden Street. These coffee table designs are carved with legs that make it a true epitome of Indian tradition while the four edges of Alanis hold curly slates which captivates it more.

These designs are so attractive in an appeal that proves how brilliant can traditional Indian furniture can be.

Chabudai Center Table Design

Chabudai is a Japanese term for their type of dinette with a low height dining table with chairs that is at ground level. Just like Reid Coffee Table from Wooden Street.

This is a coffee table design that is completely low heighted with stools that abide by the same. Inspired by Chabudai it turns out to be an extremely outstanding coffee table design that is like bringing something Japanese to Indian home.

Not only these but there are many other center table designs to fit every space from big to small and every homely living style as well. You can search for more center table designs and coffee table designs online on sites such as Wooden Street where there is a range worth a gaze at.

For more information, you can visit woodenstreet.com and avail the Holi sale and get 20% extra discount!


Winsome Wall Shelf Designs for Wonderful-Looking Interiors

Wall shelves are space savvy storage units that can be installed in several rooms, such as in the bedroom, living rooms, study rooms, or entryways. These units can be used for storing utility items or for simply keeping decorative items.


There are models, specially made for the interiors of modern times. The different designs of wall shelves vary in their capacity, aesthetics, storage-type, and size.


In the following points, I have mentioned some of the unique wall shelf design.


Different Wall Shelf Designs


Slip Wall Shelf
This is a colourful wall shelf design that has pockets for keeping documents and stationery. Also, it has hooks for hanging keys. The wall shelf is a trendy piece of furniture, for giving a unique look to the interiors of the rooms with its vibrant yellow.


Ben Wall Shelf with Hook
This is also a trendy wall shelf design with a round background having a deck at the bottom and three hooks below it. This is a minimalist wall shelf unit, which can be used to keep decor articles of numerous sorts. Also, the hooks make key-keeping handy.


Cambrey Wall Shelf
This wall shelf unit has two open shelves, one above the other, and a small cabinet at the side. The door of the cabinet is patterned with a stylish design of leafy floral pattern over it.

The cabinet can be used as a wall mounted bookshelf. The deck can also be used for keeping the decorative article, while the cabinet can be used for keeping utility items.

Blue Barn Wall Shelf
This unique design of wall shelf has a cool vibe to it. This design of the wall shelf has a wide shelf and a top deck, which can be used for keeping decorative items. The shelf also has hooks at the bottom for hanging keys.

The blue colour of the central frame of the shelf unit contrasts well with the natural finish at the top and bottom deck. Hazy mango wood grain pattern, adds to the aesthetics of the wall shelf.


Benitez Wall Shelf
This is a wall shelf design having a glass door cabinet, which has sectioned shelving inside it. This unit can be useful as a small wall-mounted storage unit in kitchen or dining area. Also, you can use these units as a bookshelf.


Ducal Latticed Wall Shelf
This unit of the wall shelf has a white coloured grill-like pattern that looks like a lattice. The white of the grill-pattern contrasts well with the natural finish of the rest of the unit. The cabinet has two doors, which is sectioned on the inside into variously sized shelving.


Darcia Wall Shelf
This design of wall shelf is a tall one, with two shelves one above the other at the top, followed by two drawers at the bottom. The grain pattern of Sheesham hardwoods flaunts over the surface of the wall shelf, with the overlaying wooden finish, available in different shades viz, walnut, honey, mahogany, and teak.


Bracket Wall Shelves
This wall shelf design has a uniquely patterned style, with pockets over it. There is a single pocket sectioned into two, with two hooks and a jar holding a place. It can be the best unit for keeping utility items in the interiors.


Odom Wall Shelf
This unique wall shelf design is specially made for mounting in the corner. The wall shelf has cabinets with two doors. The cabinet is sectioned into two decks on the inside.


Wall shelves are specially designed for mounting on the walls, for keeping different routine utilities, and decor articles.
Wooden Street has a vast collection of different wall shelves. You can also check out other storage furniture unit over the website, such as a chest of drawers, hutch cabinets, dressing tables, and bookshelves.

An Introduction to 5+ Different Type of Bookshelf Design

Books; a true friend of humans will wait for you forever if you ignore them and will always love you back if you pay attention to them.


Whether they are about the words of wisdom or the one that brings to one's self; why let the books wait? Why not give a dedicated place to them? Why not create a safe and secure corner of your favourite reads and collection in the form of a modish bookshelf design?


Yes, the bookshelf design can be a great addition to your home. It’s not only designed to keep books but also come in handy for displaying many trinkets. A bookshelf can be used as a displaying unit as well as for placing knick-knacks.


Excited to have the new bookshelf design? Hang on! Read below to find the right style of the bookshelf design for your home that we have brought for you right from Wooden Street:


Cambrey Bookshelf Design
This bookshelf design from Wooden Street is an epitome of traditional style mixed with artistic features. The three open shelves with two closed cabinets provide space for books and other decor assortments too.

The glossy honey finish makes this bookshelf look more stylish and makes it an ideal piece of your home decor.


Fanny Bookshelf Design
Books arrangement? Files? Flower vases? Figurines and many more? The fanny bookshelf design from Wooden Street can occupy all in one.

Crafted from the solid wood, this fanny bookshelf design can give a clear view of all the books stacked in the bookshelf. Slotted into the mix of vertical and horizontal compartments it can bring allurance to almost any type of interior.


Hammons Bookshelf Design
Ever imagined multi-coloured drawers in the bookshelf design? With the Hammons bookshelf design, you can!
This eclectic bookshelf design can prove to be a great addition to your living space.

There are four big drawers and 2 small ones which can be utilised for the essential items. Also, the open shelves can serve you best for the decorative purpose.


Travis Bookshelf Design
For some books are the real treat, for some, these are the stress-buster, and such things need organised storage. Saying this, one of the topmost examples of organised storage space for your books is none other than the Travis bookshelf design. The combination of glass with checkered pattern below side makes it a style-statement design.


Vito Bookshelf Design
The sandwich-like structure, having the closed drawers in between and open racks above and below it; truly defines this bookshelf design. The shelves are wide and long enough to place the books of any size nicely. While Sheesham wood ensures the durability of this bookshelf; the teak finish makes sure to adds up to its appearance.


Adolph Bookshelf Design
The slotted detailing of this bookshelf design is very apt for those who like to keep things simple. The four shelves with two small drawers can hold quite enough number of books easily. With this, the mahogany finish increases the aesthetic charm of this bookshelf design.



Conclusion: Wooden bookshelf design in the home is a must-have for the stylish and storage look. When your books need a stylish, roomy home, then it is an ideal option.

Be it a wall mounted bookshelf design or freestanding ones; online furniture stores are loaded with the abundance of designs.


And, when it’s a talk about the online furniture stores; don't miss an update from Wooden Street.

5 Types of Wall Frames to Give Your Vacant Walls a Stylish Shot

Be it your recent winter vacay photographs or some bohemeic wall frames, wall photo frames breathe life to the entire room. Wall frame paintings or gallery wall frame sets; Wooden Street brings the beautiful collection to beautify your dreary walls and create an aura of creative arrangement.


Amidst all these, there is and will always be a constant question that you may have had gone through: “What’s the most stylish trend that is going in the world of wall frame paintings at present? Don’t Worry! With Wooden Street, you can find a solution for every home decor trend.


From art that brings out the traditional taste in the home to the one that’s completely modern, one of these 5 beautiful types of wall frames will bring the distinctive change to the walls of your home. Have a glance below:


Steppe Wall Frame Collage

This classically yet stylish Steppe Wall frame from Wooden Street is a perfectly perfect example of eternal wall art that offers taste and quality, as well as offering the crisp modish touch through its black finish, which many others don’t provide.


Triplets Photo Frame

Triplets, whether in some decoration or photo frame; the set of 3 always works wonderous. Saying this, Wooden Street also brings the trio of three sets in the wall picture frames.
One of the simple designs in wall photo frames, this decor piece beautifully displays one’s love for sleek items. An ideal wall decor to exhibit your classy style, this wall frame for photos can perfectly fit the modern style home.


Eatery Photo Collage

Are you the chef of your home? Or a big foodie? Whatever may be the case; isn't this seems to be the perfect wall frame painting to have in the front or main wall of your kitchen?
The perfect collage that defines the love for food through letters and frames, this wall picture frame from Wooden Street will surely grab the eyeballs in your home.


Home Arrow Photo Collage

If you live in your home or away from it; this wall photo frame from Wooden Street can be ideal in both.
Yes, for that truly homely vibe, consider the home arrow wall picture frame from Wooden Street. A perfect combination of black and white with arrow and wordings; this wall photo frame from Wooden Street will bring the gorgeous look in the home. It will definitely bring the homely feel.


Twin Tower Photo Collage

If you are looking for the mix of one with few family features and stylish trend, then look no further apart from this amazing example of the family wall picture frame from Wooden Street. This design of the wall picture frame online is a fantastic way to bring charm to your home while not occupying too much space. With a natural black finish, this wall frame to your space will open up and feel beautifully spacious.


Conclusion: The wall frame for photos bring not only beautiful aesthetics but also enhance the beautiful aura in your home.
These wall picture frames from Wooden Street has its own ideology and functionality that will surely enhance your living decor. Excited? Wait no more, instead grab the opportunity of festive holi sale only at WoodenStreet and enjoy up to 55% off.

5 Reasons Why Owning a Hydraulic Storage Bed Shouldn’t be Missed!

As I was done with the traditional ways of cleaning the entire bed and then opening the storage space with the handle by putting all the efforts. I searched online for a bed that had an easy mechanism for storage.


Hydraulic storage bed came on the top list of the search! Finding and studying the mechanism of how these work, I was super impressed.

The hydraulic storage has a pressure tube and a piston rod, perfectly designed to help you to lift easily and allow easy access to storage space underneath.
Same as the size of the bed, the storage space can fit in every extra bedding essentials you have in your bedroom. From quilts and bedsheets to extra cartons and seasonal clothes, everything can be stacked inside the hydraulic storage bed.

These amazing hydraulic storage beds have an easy mechanism - all you have to do is push the upper frame vertical, the hydraulic piston on each side of the bed will support the platform along with the mattress. And, you can access the storage space easily.

Being impressed by the mechanism, I ordered one from WoodenStreet. If you are too planning to buy one, but are unsure about it, then have a look at the advantages. So, you have a clear idea.


1. Double your storage space:
Get all the seasonal clothes, extra pillows, quilts, bed sheets and all the stuff that you use less and stack them in the space provided inside the hydraulic storage bed.
Yes! You can store everything inside. The space provided by the hydraulic bed is sufficient. For people who don’t wish to add an extra unit for storage or for those who don’t want to waste their special floor space, the hydraulic storage bed is the ideal one for you.
For the bachelors too, you can get a single bed with this feature and fulfill the need for a wardrobe and a bed in a single unit.


2. No extra room required:
Many beds with side drawer design require extra space for opening the drawer. The hydraulic storage beds are exactly the opposite! Even if you assemble them in the corner of the room, you can still access the storage space.

This is because the bedding opens upwards!

Already in love with the advantages, the hydraulic storage bed has to offer you? Wait, I have more for you! 


3. The variations of hydraulic storage bed:
The online market is full of the various designs and sizes of hydraulic beds. WoodenStreet has a variety of differently styled hydraulic storage beds.
Some of them have a sleek and slender design like Bacon hydraulic storage bed, while some of them have traditional patterns carved on it like the Neeson hydraulic bed. Select the one that fits best with the decor of your abode.


4. Keep your bedroom de-cluttered:
When your guests knock the door unexpectedly and your bedroom is a mess, the hydraulic storage bed can come to rescue.
You can put everything inside the storage space in a jiffy! So, the next time you find an extra entity in the room, all you have to do is reach out to the handle. Get a cleaner room with a hydraulic storage bed.



5. Great bed for the guest room:

It is the best way to provide your guests, a place to keep their luggage systematically plus also a place to sleep. With the hydraulic storage bed, you will diminish the need for an extra storage unit.

Hydraulic storage beds are the winners in the storage bed genre. The easy mechanism and the beautiful aesthetics makes these ones of the ideal beds to have in the abode.

If you are looking forward to buy one for your abode then WoodenStreet is the best for you. They have a variety of wooden hydraulic storage bed made from solid wood such as Sheesham and mango.
They also provide customization! So, get in touch with their customer care support and tell them your requirements. They will deliver the exact product at your doorstep!

Benches: - Dress your Abode with this Multi-Functional Piece of Furniture

Some of the furniture pieces we buy like beds, sofas and dining tables have the specific use. But, benches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can own in your home.

For too long, they have been serving as a public bench, park bench and etc. But now in the modern era, they have become a part of our décor too.

The options with the benches are endless. You can use them in your living room, bedroom, foyer, balcony and even in the garden. So, we at Woodenstreet we have rounded up five benches for five different places.

1. In Bedroom: - A bench in a bedroom can add an essential finishing touch to your decor. It is a great way of filling up your master bedroom without spreading any clutter and giving it a decorative touch.

Aroma Bench and Paloma Bench can be a beautiful visual anchor for your bedroom. Not only this, but it is also very useful as a prop to sit and tie your shoelaces or any other thing.




2. Dining Table: - A bench like Aurelia Bench and Adolph Bench can be the flexible and stylish substitute for some dining chairs. A couple or parents with children can sit together.


Or when guest arrived and you ran out of chairs, you can pull up the bench for extra seating. You can customize the fabric of the seat according to your décor. Benches are very handy and can suit any décor and mood.

3. At Entryway: - An Entryway is a relatively smaller area in comparison to the other space in the house. But this is the one place where we can make most of its use.

Dominic Bench without Upholstery is the best pick for an entryway as it is simple, crafted in solid wood and maintenance free.


After all, the first impression is the last impression.
You will get one option in this which is of an upholstery seat one. So, tucked it against the wall, leaving room for footwear below.

4. As a Sofa: - Yes you heard it right you can use this as a sofa also if you are tight on space. Reyes Bench with Back Rest and Cambrey Bench with Back Rest can practically shift in the sofa.


Just pile up some throws on it and you have got a plush seat sofa solution. You can use this in any room like outside the bedroom or near the window area.

5. Outdoors: - Why to invest in purely outdoor furniture when you can have a multi-functional bench that can serve you all around the year.
Laurel Bench is easy to carry around, as it can be slid outside in the soothing and serene weather or it can be used as additional outdoor seating. Not only this, you can also use it in the balcony or on the terrace.


Besides acting as a decorative element serves so many purposes in your abode. Its all up to you that how you want it to function in your space.

At Woodenstreet, you will encounter a myriad of bench designs and style to indulge in your space. You can also customize the products with us according to your space and budget. For customization, you can go and check our custom furniture option on the website or For more details, you can call us at +91-9314444747.

Unique and Awe-Inspiring Designs of Arm Chairs for Contemporary-Time Interiors

Armchairs are comfortable chairs which offer a comfortable seat, along with beautiful aesthetics. These chairs have armrests, some of which are also made comfortable with cushioned upholstery over them, while some of the units are fully upholstered.
A set of different armchairs give a phenomenal look to the interiors of the rooms with their exquisite aesthetics. Also, a set of armchairs can be equipped in the interiors of the rooms making it useful for the interiors of the rooms.

In the following points, I have mentioned some of the unique designs of armchairs.

Unique Designs of Wooden Arm Chair are -

Orchid Arm Chair
This is a unique design of armchair with a blend of colourfully patterned upholstery, with the backrest covered in multi-colour linear patterns, while the seat having blue solid colour upholstery fabric.



The arms and the legs of this armchair are elegantly designed with round and designer fluted design. The arms also have cushioned upholstery in the middle portion of the armrests.


Shell Arm Chair
This armchair has a round and elegant design of armrests with cushioned-upholstery in the middle of the armrest. The legs of the chair have a round fluted design. Also, the chair is decorated with stylish patterns crafted over the aesthetics of the chair. The chair has a floral pattern on the upholstery of the backrest, while the seat has solid coloured fabric.



Emperor Design Craft Elton Arm Chair
Going with the name, this design of chair gives the look of a King’s throne. The comfort of the seat is also designed to give the comfort of a regal level. There are unique designs of crafted patterns which give a lavish look to the chair unit. This armrest chair is uniquely finished with the silvery-white finish, contrasting with the black upholstery fabric. The craftsmanship done on the wooden chair speaks volumes of its premium quality.


Kelvin Arm Chair Printed Fabric
This is a broader design of an armchair with a spacious seat. The frames of the chairs have wavy designs crafted over it, which give it a unique look.




The seat has thick cushions which make it a comfortable unit for the interiors of modern times. The legs of the chairs also have wavy designs which give the armchair a fantastic look.


Dane Dining Chair
This unique design of the armchair has an elegant design with white upholstery, contrasting well with the wood finish of the frames and the legs of the chair. The design is trendy in aesthetics and gives the interiors of the rooms a phenomenal look.



Siegler Arm Chair
This chair’s design is trendy in aesthetics. This armchair is fully covered with upholstery fabric having cushioned seat, back and all of the seating section. The legs of the chair are finished with wooden finish. The chair has solid coloured upholstery in vibrant red shade.


Bennet Arm Chair
This is also a fully upholstered model of an armchair, that has an extra-padded cushion on the seat. The seat is comfortably spacious with comfortable arms, and a flat backrest. The legs of the chair are wood finished, providing a good contrast to the colourful upholstery fabric shade.



Armchairs are comfortable chairs that are equipped with armrests that offer a comfortable chair for giving the chairs a unique look, making the interiors of the rooms look amazing with the phenomenal designs.

Wooden Street has a vast collection of different armchairs online that vary in their comfort level as well as aesthetics. Also, you can also find other chairs over the website, such as lounge chair, wing chair, rocking chair, metal chair, bean bags and benches.

Stunning Sofa Bed Designs that Give Interiors A Unique Look

Sofa bed is the best kind of sofa for modern-day interiors, which are compact because of the small cosmopolitan-culture apartments. These units are the best units for giving a unique look to the interiors of the rooms. The sofa beds are available in both fabrics as well as wooden options. Especially the minimalists or people with compact rooms and places find it really helpful to get the sofa cum bed of their choice.

Also, many of the designs of the sofa cum beds are available in exciting-looking designs that make the interiors of the rooms look great.
There are numerous designs of sofa beds that give the interiors of the rooms a phenomenal look.

Unique Sofa cum Bed Designs

Riota Sofa cum Bed with Storage

This is a unique design of sofa cum bed which is a wooden option, with armrests and the armrests have shelves below it. The working principle of unfolding the sofa into a bed is simple and one just has to pull the lower bunk out and adjust the backrest cushions on the bed-top to convert the sofa into a comfortable sleeping bed.

Savannah Sofa cum Bed with Storage
This unique design of sofa cum bed has shelves and drawers at the top of the backrest of the sofa for keeping other things such as books and other utility items. The unfolding of this design also can be done by simply pulling the bottom-front of the sofa. The bed has an upholstered headboard, at the lower part, which makes it even more comfortable place to sleep.

Clarin Fabric Storage Sofa cum Bed
This is a decent looking design of a fully upholstered sofa cum bed where the backrest can be easily dropped at the back, for converting the sofa into a bed. The upholstery is tufted to give the sofa unit a charming look, extra-comfort, and auspicious looks. The fabric of the sofa is available in different shades of colours.

Alfonso Right Convertible Sofa cum Bed
This unique design of the sofa cum bed has more sort of a corner sofa design that gives the interiors an amazing look. The sofa unfolds into a full bed, giving the bed a full space to sleep wonderfully. The upholstered sofa has buttoned tufting, which gives the interiors a unique look. The sofa unit also has storage below it. The upholstery is available in different shades of colours.

  • Winsley Futon Bed
    This is a unique design of the bed, which is a futon mattress. The design is convenient to fold and unfold. This sofa cum bed folds into a single seater sofa and unfolds into a single bed mattress. This fully upholstered unit is best for loners, especially for the ones who love the minimalist lifestyle.

Anima Single Fabric Sofa cum Bed
This is a premium looking design of sofa cum bed with settee kind of design or lounge sort of design. The unfolding is easy and convenient, which can be easily pulled out from the bottom front, and the cushions can be rearranged.

Grenson Fabric Sofa cum Bed
This is a uniquely lavish design of sofa cum bed which has a premium vibe to it. The design of this sofa cum bed has lined tufting over it, and the sofa can be easily converted to bed by simply dropping down the backrest.

Sofa beds are the best designs of seating and comfort furniture units that offer comfortable sleeping and seating place for the minimalists. The easy folding and unfolding of the modern designs of the sofa cum beds make these units even more popular these days.

Wooden Street has a vast collection of different sofa cum beds in both fabrics as well as wooden options. Here you can also find futons, two-seater as well as one seater sofa bed units.

Breakfast Tables: Give Comfort to Your First Meal

Breakfast is the first meal of your day, and it is responsible for maintaining the energy level throughout the day. But, nowadays, we are too lazy to take our breakfast on the dining table early morning. It can be our guilty pleasure to have your breakfast on the bed. The breakfast tables are here to make this guilty pleasure even more memorable through which you can enjoy the meal on your cosy bed.

These tables are adorable, endearing, functional and have amazing looks. These tables are easy to handle, easy to use and used by everyone.

It is versatile and can be used anywhere in the house. You can take it with you when you are travelling. The breakfast tables make your tasks easy as these can be easily handled by anyone, even the kids.

The breakfast tables have enormous benefits, and these are lesser known generally. So, below I have jotted down some unknown and lesser-known benefits of the breakfast tables, here you go:


1) These are lightweight: The bed tray tables are lightweight, and that’s why these can be easily placed and used wherever you want. The wooden breakfast tables can be easily lifted even by the kids. You can easily take these tables in your room wherever you want, you can also use these as laptop tables.



2) These are adorable: The wooden breakfast tables are adorable and look endearing. These tables are cute, and you can place these anywhere in the home. On the bed, on the sofa or on the floor. You can use these tables with ease as there is no limitations to use these endearing tables.


3) Easy Handling: The breakfast tables are easily handled by anyone even by the kids, as these are lightweight. These can be easily lifted, and you can change its place easily. There is no need for much effort for using this table. It has simple features and can be used easily by anyone.


4) These are versatile: The bed tray tables are versatile, and you can use these tables for other tasks too. You can use these tables in different places like in the kitchen for placing and settling the microwave oven, fruit baskets or jars on it.
You can use these tables in the study room for using a laptop easily as a laptop table. You can use these tables in your living room, balcony and other places as well due to its compatible size and other features.

5) Travel-friendly: The breakfast tables are travel-friendly, and you can easily take it with you in your car anywhere in the entire world. Its legs can be easily folded, and you can pack in your bag easily. These can be used in the car too, as its dimensions are perfect to be used anywhere.


6) More Functional: The laptop tables are functional enough to add in the home. Kids use it as their small study table or playing the card. Students used it as a laptop table and breakfast tables. You can place it wherever you want as these are versatile and have amazing qualities.


Summary: The breakfast tables are beautiful furniture units which can be used anywhere in the home. These have lots of amazing benefits which are described in the above article.

You can buy online breakfast tables from Wooden Street as they have enormous and beautiful varieties available at their store. You will get the customization facility and free delivery services here. You will get the seasonal offers and brilliant customer service support in case of any query round the clock.

Kitchen Trolley Designs: Smoothening the Style and Working in the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is that place in the abode that requires the most attention in aspects of storage as well as style! And, a perfect kitchen trolley design can help you achieve it. The beautiful design of kitchen trolley gives a refined look to the kitchen as well as smoothen the working.


Kitchen trolley designs come in handy when you need to get the clutter clear in seconds. It has multiple shelves, and drawers so that you can keep all the stuff that you might require while serving your guests on the dining table. The entire kitchen trolley design is on wheels so you can move it across the different corners of the abode with ease.


It is very important that the style of the kitchen matches with that of the kitchen trolley design, as looks are equally important as the functionality of the unit.


Viewing the diverse range of kitchen trolley designs online, I have penned down few that covers all the theme, that is, contemporary, traditional or mix and match of both.

I am writing about the variety that I came across at Wooden Street.


1. Sonic Kitchen Trolley design:
Simple, elegant and up to the mark! This design satisfies all the aspects that you are looking for. It has an extendable top that you can be opened when you need extra space while making tea. The design also comprises of two drawers and three shelves. The two drawers can be used to keep the cups while the two shelves can be used for maintaining plates or other items. The last shelf includes a bottle holder, so you can store the bottle in it safely.


For an amazing appeal opt it in the finish that best suits with your interiors.


2. Kansis Kitchen Trolley design:
The Kansis kitchen trolley design is a modish design, and it is perfectly apt for the modern interiors. The design includes drawers on the top-most where you can store all the cups and other things. At the side, there are hangers where you can hang the things that are with hooks. There are shelves that are divided into two parts, one part has the sliding open drawers, and the other has a simple shelf and a bottle holder shelf.


3. Neptuna Loft Kitchen Trolley design:
Perfect mixture of metal and wooden, the black metal frame and the wooden storage boxes all together give a stylish appeal. You can use the big boxes to keep all your stuff like jars, cups and plates, and many more other things.


4. Toronto Kitchen Trolley design:
This kitchen trolley design can be used to serve breakfast or brunch in the living room or bedroom. The beautiful structure and the wooden naturalness make this design a traditionally rich entity. Go for the different finishes and choose the finish that matches, blends seamlessly with the interior of the kitchen.


Easy work, easy style and a perfect solution to keep the kitchen uncluttered, the kitchen trolley design is an excellent way to attain an ideal kitchen. It has wheels so that you can move it across the different zones of the home. Whether you have a contemporary decor or a traditional one, selecting the ideal kitchen trolley design is the key to get unified decor.
The above-mentioned products are from Wooden Street, you have a full view of the collection at WoodenStreet. Avail the customisation service if you want some changes.
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5 Steal-Worthy Benefits of a Wooden Trundle bed

How would you feel if you know about the bed that could provide two sleeping places while only taking up the space of a single bed? Amazing, right! The trundle beds are the wonder beds that come with hidden bed frame beneath it. Whenever you need extra bedding, you can take it out with the help of the provided handle.

Since, we take space as a special commodity nowadays, the trundle beds can be the best furniture unit for the modern abode. Saving oodles of space would come true with the amazing trundle beds. I am a bachelor living in Bangalore and after shifting I was in search of the bed that could take less space and provides more functionality.

The product named Baldina trundle bed of Wooden Street satisfied my requirements aptly. So, I got it. The quality of the product is amazing, and it serves as a couch as well as a bed.

If you are thinking what's so amazing about this product that I have been going on and on about it, then let's get to the perks to solve the confusion.

1. Two-bed platforms:
The first and foremost benefit that can be seen is the dual bed platforms. The design of the trundle bed includes two-bed frames in a single bed frame. Two people can sleep comfortably in their own territory. It can be perfect furniture for the siblings that like to be together all the time. They can sleep next to each other.


2. Perfect for guest rooms:
As guest rooms are comparatively smaller in size, the trundle beds can be the best for it. You can provide your guests with two beddings so they can sleep comfortably. Plus, if you choose a design with storage capabilities, they can keep their luggage safe and secure.


3. Oodles of storage space:
The compact size of trundle beds doesn't make them lack in this category. The trundle beds with storage are available in designs which have storage drawers as well as headboard storage to keep all the bedding accessory stuff inside it systematically. For instance, the pear and the Gary kids trundle beds on Wooden Street comes with extra drawers to keep all the bedding essentials.
This capability will also help you to keep the room de-cluttered and well-organised, plus you have easy access to your bedsheets and quilts.



3. Perfect replacement of sofa:
So, if you are a bachelor like me in a new city, and you have only one room in your apartment, you totally understand the struggle of limited space. The trundle beds can be real bliss. It can be placed in the living room. It will serve as a sofa in the daytime and a bed in the night-time.
And, if you have a friend for a night stay, then you can provide them with the extra bedding in the trundle bed so that they can sleep comfortably.


4. Wooden trundle beds, an extra bliss:
If you go for the wood made trundle beds then you will have ample benefits of this as well. Wooden furniture unit provides perfect durability and sturdiness. The solid wood such as sheesham and mango used by Wooden Street are the best and ideal material if you want a trundle bed for the long run.
The solid wood made trundle beds have resistance towards natural decay and these last longer than other materials. Moreover, the finish options are many! You can paint them with the darkest finish and also the lightest. Opt for the one that fits well with the decor of the abode.


5. Save the floor space:
As it is a single frame bed, so it takes up only the floor space for one. Hence, you save floor space with the trundle beds. Hence, if you have a small apartment or you want a bed for the small rooms like kids room or guest room, then these wonder beds are the ones for you!

Attain a clean, and gorgeous look with the amazing trundle beds. These are perfect if you are looking for the above-mentioned perks. Save space, and also get two bedding in one, with the trundle beds. The easy pull-out mechanism will allow you to access the extra bedding space easily.
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Oomph your Living with Summation of Ottomans and pouffes

When it comes to an additional seating that is not too tall but not too short; ottoman and pouffes can be just the perfect shot. These are twee and tiny fabric stools in varied sizes, which makes it worth complementing any abode. Also, the colorful prints and shades of ottomans or pouffes make it a furniture that can contrast well with any home.

And being so pretty, it is also as useful as anything. However, the whereabouts may be, storage ottoman furniture can fit at every corner with a regal appeal. Some of the ideas to work upon ottomans and poufs that can embellish any home are mentioned below.

Right in the Center:
Generally, the center tables tend to be wooden or glasses which is quite for the Joe Bloggs. A pouffe here can be something out of the league. As it is a furniture fabricated and wrapped with fabrics that go completely with the sofa set.



You can use pouffe such as Mckellen Pouffe from Wooden Street, which is forged with size that is ample to bedeck the center of the sofa. While the pattern of these poufs online is so beautiful, they also have additional storage space within. The storage space inside adds a boon to the advantage of pouffe like this.

Accompany the Dressing:
The dressing table requires a seating where one can comb the hair and use the nail paint in an utterly snuggly way. As we all are well versed with the types of stools that work in the dressing corner, the ottoman can match the conditions in a more modish way. Ottomans such as Farah Ottoman from Wooden Street are exemplary to what types of stools can embellish your everyday dressing in an astonishing way.

Around the Coffee Table:
While the coffee tables are meant to be in the center for a casual tea timing, ottomans and pouffes can enhance the appeal of the same with more snug.


A set of ottoman such as Fauna Ottoman or a combination of pouffe such as Robin Round Pouffe from Wooden Street can be a perfect accompaniment for the same. Sets like these ottomans and pouffes can be the right prop for being surrounded round the table for the cup of tea. So, amiable for a snuggly aura for a long seating.

In the Kid’s Room:
Kid’s room as we all know are not so big like our master bedrooms. Therefore, an additional seating of a sofa inside may not really be a great idea because of it being congested. Therefore, ottomans such as Carbon Point Ottoman Stool with Beans, Candy Polka Ottoman Stool with Beans etc. from Wooden Street can be just the right prop to pop up in the kid’s room. The funky look is something acceptable by any teenager while the ottoman is snuggly enough to accompany a nice time with the kids and his friends.

At the Corner in the Office:
An office undoubtedly aspires for office furniture which includes an office table and office chairs. And therefore, not much concern is paid to the fact that it is not necessary that only two people are coming to the office. So, you can drop an ottoman in the cabin. As it will support a good seating along with the office furniture. And also, it won’t be a spoil spot in the cabin because of its fine appeal. Therefore, you can work on ottomans or pouffes such as Urban Splash Ottoman Stool with Beans from Wooden Street clearly exemplify to the situation of how finely does ottoman and pouffe like this work.


Ottoman and pouffes can be an outstanding small furniture to doodle ravishment to any home. The snuggly seating and the colorful wrappings of the fabric can embellish the seat in a captivating way. So, that whether it be dressing, living or office, it can work in every place. You can search for varieties of ottomans online or poufs online for more fancy range of the same.

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An Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the Beautiful Bedsheet

What would be a perfect bed for you when all you were wishing for the entire day is to rest your heavy head on the pillow? A double size bed with a comfortable mattress, cushy pillow, and a seamless bedsheet.


 After mattress, the thing that is responsible for the much-required reposeful sleep is the cotton bedsheet. As this bedsheet will let your body to breathe and you will feel utterly relaxed sleeping on it.

The beauty of the cotton bedsheet is never-ending. From being a darling to your beauty sleep to being a contributor to the home decor, it plays a significant role. It helps you to keep the body temperature right, doesn’t give you allergies, can be easily maintained and cleaned, and last but not the least, it is available in a vast variety of prints and colours.

I was stuck on the variety of colourful cotton bed sheets online at Wooden Street. They have an amazing collection that suits every decor. So, I ordered one from their site so that I could write my experience. The cotton bedsheet I received is of premium quality 100% cotton, the feel and look of it makes me fall in love. So, here I am to let you know about the five outstanding designs on WS to help you cheat the shopping list and make a new one including one of the below mentioned bedsheets.

1. Citrus Marigold Hand Block Print Bed Sheet:
This amazing bedsheet will make you blind with its charming awesomeness. The bright colours and the beautiful marigold flowers will add colours to the interior decor of the room.


bed sheets


The pillow covers have one side entirely yellow with traditional white print while on the other side there are marigold flowers similar to that of the bedsheet. You can turn the pillow side for the required look.


2. Mesh Blossom Hand Block Print Bed Sheet:
The hand-block printing of this bedsheet has aced it! The mesh traditional print and the beautiful colours add an essence of elegance to the bedroom.



It has a floral border and then, at last, a zig-zag pattern border, which together gives a unified design to the bedsheet. The pillow cases are of the same print as the bedsheet.


3. Aqua Bush Hand Block Print Bed Sheet:
Beautiful and blue! The aqua bush hand block print is a bright and charming bed sheet. If you are looking for something that adds charm to the interior then this is the ideal one for you.



The pillow cover has two sides which look different, one side has a border of blue lines, and the other has the block print of traditional print all over it.


4. Black Fern Hand Block Print Bed Sheet:
If you love it subtle and elegant, then the black fern hand block print is the ideal one for you. The black colour and the gap between the prints make this cotton bed sheet beautiful and straightforward.



The pillow cover of this bedsheet is brilliant and unique. There are two leaves printed with the zig-zag line on both the sides.


5. Olive Pine Hand Block Print Bed Sheet:
Unique, fabulous and incredibly amazing! This bedsheet has olive pine tree printed on it. The pine tree has a traditional design inside it.



It is apt for the bedroom with pale paint, and this will add the colourful appeal to the room.


Make your room interiors splendid and peaceful sleep more ‘peaceful and satisfying' by incorporating the amazing cotton bedsheets in your bedroom. The above-mentioned points are the products that I found captivating on Wooden Street. If you are willing to buy one for your master bedroom, then visit woodenstreet. They have a wide variety of decor items including cotton bedsheets.

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