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Get your hands on the latest way to design your home. Wooden Street presents impressive range of home furnishings to reflect your style statement. Inspired by the top trends, our product range caters elegant and stylish options for furniture, home furnishings and home accessories.
February 2019
text: Stunning Sofa Bed Designs that Give Interiors A Unique Look
Sofa bed is the best kind of sofa for modern-day interiors, which are compact because of the small cosmopolitan-culture apart...
February 2019
text: Breakfast Tables: Give Comfort to Your First Meal
Breakfast is the first meal of your day, and it is responsible for maintaining the energy level throughout the day. But, nowa...
February 2019
text: Kitchen Trolley Designs: Smoothening the Style and Working in the Heart of the Home
The kitchen is that place in the abode that requires the most attention in aspects of storage as well as style! And, a perfec...
February 2019
text: 5 Steal-Worthy Benefits of a Wooden Trundle bed
How would you feel if you know about the bed that could provide two sleeping places while only taking up the space of a singl...
February 2019
text: Oomph your Living with Summation of Ottomans and pouffes
When it comes to an additional seating that is not too tall but not too short; ottoman and pouffes can be just the perfect sh...
February 2019
text: An Ultimate Cheat Sheet for the Beautiful Bedsheet
What would be a perfect bed for you when all you were wishing for the entire day is to rest your heavy head on the pillow? A ...
February 2019
text: How to Choose an Appropriate Bathroom Cabinet in Just Few Easy Steps?
A bathroom is a smaller space, and you always want to make the most of every change you are doing, which also includes your b...
January 2019
text: Styles of Stools to Stick to Every Corner
Whether it be additional seating or a small table, stools can fix all. This plinth is most efficient to function in so many c...
January 2019
text: Restaurant Chair Types- Where Your Comfort Starts and Mouth Smacking Meal Ends
Designing a new restaurant is a tough task. From staffs to menus and inspections; all on your to-do list, it’s easy to lose t...
January 2019
text: Outdoor Furniture: Make Your Outdoors Stunning & Comfortable!
Outdoors are amazing places, I mean the balcony, the porch, the garden and the favourite terrace. These places are full of be...
January 2019
text: Popular TV Units to Serve as Perfect Spot For your Idiot Box
Everything works around the TV set! Yes, from ending the day with the favourite show to decorate the entire living room by us...
January 2019
text: Upholstered Beds: A Package of Perks for your Beautiful Bedroom
Is adding stars to the home decor a big deal for you? Then, I will introduce you to the fantastic bed that will add charm to ...
January 2019
text: Exemplary Storage Furniture Options for Different Rooms of Lovely Abode
Whether you have a knack to collect books or you are in a constant shopping mode to purchase the expensive crockery set, clot...
January 2019
text: A Range Of Kitchen Furniture That Makes Your Kitchen Worthwhile
It is a myth that the kitchen stands only to prepare scrummy yummy meals that can be enjoyed by your family members. The defi...
December 2018
text: Traits That Make Extendable Dining Tables Terrific to Deal With
The only time when your entire family comes together from their respective corners to sit along is during the dining. And tha...