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5 Important Advantages of Arm Chairs for your Home

Armchairs are comfortable to carry, and because of designer styles, these units can be arranged in many arrays at several places in the house. These chairs are comfortable seating option with cushioned and upholstered arms, along with their comfy and spacious seats.


There are numerous models of stylish wooden arm chair available in the market, suited to room decors of different styles.


The market has a wide range of these furniture units, which can make it a tough task to select the one that matches all your requirements.


Do not worry!


Arm chairs are quite easy to carry which will enable you to use them in any place and make frequent arrangement changes.



You can easily buy these arm chairs online from the store like – Wooden Street. There are so many other benefits that one can derive from these seating units. Below, I have mentioned some of the various advantages of armchairs.


Take a look.



Spacious and Comfy Chairs :


The arm chairs are spacious and comfortable. The cushioned and upholstered seat back as well as the arm-rest make it a comfortable furniture unit for your home. Also, the profoundly buttoned tufting makes the seat more comfortable.



Exclusive Designs of the Chair :


The designs of these chairs are unique when compared to other chairs. The design is more like the lounge chairs, but not entirely.


There are many designs of these chairs, some of the models of these chairs have cushioned and upholstered seat and back, framed in a wooden structure. Other models have fully covered chairs, with only the legs with no upholstery, bare wood overlaid with numerous finishes such as walnut, honey, mahogany and teak. With deeply buttoned tufting, the upholstered armchairs look lavish and stylish.



Light in Weight and Easy to Carry :


Arm chairs are light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere in the house. This allows you to take the chair from one place to another quickly. Also, the chairs can be frequently rearranged from time to time, to give an all-new look to the decor.



Can be Arranged with Many Furniture :


Arm chairs can be arranged with many other furniture units. These chairs can be adorned with sofa, divans or chaise lounge in the living room. Also, these units can be used with a kitchen island. The chairs would be best for outdoor scenarios such as balcony, porch, patio or back-yard.


These chairs can also be used as dining chairs with the dining table.



Designs that can be Adorned in Different Rooms :


Armchairs can be placed in different rooms. A set of two or four chairs can be used in the living room, or in the kitchen. These chairs can also be used in the bedroom. If you have an upholstered bed, you could choose upholstered armchairs of similar design or colour. These chairs can be used in the dining room.



Conclusion :


Armchairs are comfortable and designer chairs which can be placed anywhere in the house and give the comfort of the top level. These chairs are convenient to carry and can be quickly taken from one place to another easily.


There are numerous such advantages, which can be derived from these chair units.

The designs of the chair are unique, with their colourfully tufted upholstery and the bare wooden legs, giving a fantastic contrasting look to the chair. These chairs can be arranged with many other furniture units.


If you are planning to buy a wooden arm chair online, you can get the perfect piece according to your requirements at Wooden Street.


To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 woodenstreet.com.


Round Dining Sets: A Perfect Spot to Make Bonds Over Meal

From having the mouth-smacking meals to being the place where memories are made, and most concerned issues are discussed, the dining table is usually a must-have furniture piece in your home.

But, let's admit it that when it comes to the dining table sets, the first one that comes to your mind is the square or rectangular dining set. However, there is one another shape which demands a place in your home - a round dining set. It is one of the most attractive and eye-catching furniture units that will instantly spruce up your dining room.

So, if it’s still a miss at your place, isn’t it’s the right time to grab this fantastic furniture piece. Excited to have one?

Read on below to get the idea of 5 amazing design of round dining table sets online from Wooden Street:


Darren Round Dining Set

Make an ever-lasting impression of your dining room with the Darren 4 Seater Round dining set. The charming Walnut finish over the finest of Sheesham wood makes it a furniture piece to stand out. The large round table top supported by the thick slender legs adds the touch of grace to the dining table design and makes it a durable and sturdy piece.



Isadora 4 Seater Round Dining Set

This beautiful round dining set from Wooden Street is the perfect blend of style and comfort. Made from high-quality Sheesham wood and coated with the honey finish, this round dining set has angularly shaped table legs engraved with the wood pattern design. Also, it has the chairs which are upholstered with premium quality fabric and has the subtly designed backrest which makes this charming piece a perfect dining room furniture.



Ashford 4 Seater Round Dining Table

If you are thinking to bring the modern style round dining set table in your dinette that could take all the limelight of your home, then Ashford 4 seater round dining set is a perfect choice. With an uber chic design, upholstered chairs, beautiful dining table and the charming walnut finish, this piece is setting the bar high at Wooden Street.



Alvan Round Dining Set

The Alvan 4 seater round dining table set is an elegant piece of furniture, specially designed for small living room space. The four legs of the dining table sets are solid enough to hold the round surface top with the great ease. It has a unique 3-leg stool for seating. This feature makes Alvan round dining set an outstanding furniture piece.



Clark Round Dining Set

The incredible design and solid wooden base of this round dining table set make it an alluring piece for every home. And, of course, one can see the efforts of the fine craftsmanship with the style of the wooden round dining table. The fine upholstery makes the comfortable seating to savour the meal for long conversations. You can add glamour to your home for many forthcoming years by buying the Clark 4-Seater Round Dining Set online from Wooden Street.



Conclusion: The round dining table sets are the great style furniture piece which is designed to provide elegance to any dining room area. It is the fascinating furniture units that will always bring that “wow factor” to just about any room in the house.

So, wait no more and check out our fantastic collection of Round Dining Table Sets to give your dinette a beautiful look and experience a unique combination of fine craftsmanship and long-lasting durability by opting our Customization facility.


Explore more into our world of Wooden Furniture...Bonded With Love @WoodenStreet.com




Stun the Solo Psyche with Single Beds

Many of us kick the person next to us while sleeping because that is considered truly a “me time”. And if we are all alone in the room, eyes filled with sleep and in front of us is a bed calling us. What could be a feeling better than this?

Well, that is why single beds have been introduced, to fill your sleep with complete snug and supporting a complete stretch. Single beds are especially meant for bachelors and teenagers as they don’t need a big king size bed to spread themselves. Also, the price of the single bed is also affordable which makes it easy for one person to bare the expense all alone.

Along with adding this boon, single beds are also accompanied by many other benefits that make it worth a purchase. Consider the example of Wooden Street that provides so many remarkable options even in the name of single beds. Below are some of the features that Wooden Street accompanies with single beds:

1. Drawer Storage Feature:
Single beds with drawers are meant to provide an additional storage facility along with the bed above it. It is especially meant for rooms that are compact and do not have enough storage spaces. Many times, there are rooms that can bare only one to two wardrobes in it. It is then that single bed with drawers can be helpful as it would provide you with additional storage area along with the wardrobes. You can put your pillows and blankets within or also stuff that is not of daily use. Therefore, secret passage to store much more than expected.

2. Headboard Storage Feature:
This headboard single bed storage is best to compliment your bedtime needs. These beds are the ones that facilitate beds with additional drawers and shelves on their headboards. Therefore, providing spaces to keep in stuff such as medicines, earphones, handkerchiefs etc. Also, some single beds such as Walken single bed with storage on Wooden Street consists of storage spaces that are wide enough to keep books within and are also accompanied by another secret storage area inside it. And the cushioned backrest is broad enough to act as a laptop table.
These are certainly some of the advantages that headboard single bed storage accompanies with them.

3. Low Height Feature:
The low height of single beds is becoming a trailblazer in this era because gone are the days when beds used to be so tall that you had to jump of it. Some twee and tiny beds that are within reach of every individual has stunned the appeal of the room.
Another reason why it is a considered option is that since single beds are generally preferred in rooms of kids, lower heights reduce the risk of getting injured if the kid falls off the bed. Thus, a stellar and a stunner to your homely little space.

4. Trundle Feature:
Trundle single bed is considered to be the best option to go for if your two kids have to share one room. A bed beneath a bed that appears only when you allow it to. So that, your two kids can sleep peacefully without a fight and also, it is amiable to space. Therefore, friendly to every space and aura.

These are the features that Wooden Street offers along with single beds online. All you have to do is analyze your needs, space requirements and your bed are all set to provide a restful sleep.


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Double Photo Frame Types: To Capture Every Momentous Moment

Have you ever thought that what it takes to make your house a home? The small things that bring the aesthetic vibes all around.
And, one of the ways to bring that homely feeling in-house is through double photo frames.


Yes, how beautiful is it to look at the beautiful picture and think about the particular moment? It can make you feel the joy and feeling of togetherness, all while making your home look lovely.

So, to take care of all the precious moments that need to be preserved perfectly in a dual picture frame, Wooden Street brings the dual photo frame collection in the world of decor. I have brought for you some of the amazing types of double photo frames. Have a look:


Delta Solid Wood Photo Frame
You can pretty much find the dual photo frames for every taste and style. Let’s say you want something glamorous yet subtle at the same time. In that case, the delta solid wood photo frame with elegant designs and clean lines can be your choice. These not only keep the focus on the image but also manage to look stylish.

Amour Photo Frame Set Of Two (Blue)
What about using the blue shade double photo frames online? Yes, this type of idea is simple, elegant and very chic. Moreover, the choice of material or texture can go well with the selection of this cool colour. It would even be possible to bring the look by turning this into an easy and quick DIY task.

Heart Photo Frame
You can also go creative with the shapes of dual picture frames too. Yes, show your love with the heart-shaped details. When choosing heart photo frames online from Wooden Street with a specific theme, you can easily figure out the general design idea. Or, at least you could sort out your decision on colour. For an example, display the colourful picture in the black finish double photo frame.

Amour Photo Frame
Just in the above point, I have mentioned the nice combination that would include colourful pictures with the black coloured photo frames. Here’s another extension to that idea, and that is to use the pop colours, like the yellow colour double photo frame in the picture above. In addition to the colour, you can also find the double photo frame online that feature intricate carvings and details.

Oak Dual Photo Frame
If simplicity is what makes your style but you still want to draw the attention to the pictures, you could opt for the oak dual photo frame online from Wooden Street.

Delta Solid Wood Photo Frame(Black Finish)
Another beautiful type of dual photo frame is delta solid wood photo frame in black finish. Here, you can also steal the idea from the picture of buying a double photo frame that matches the wall behind it. Then, both can share the same colour shade and this way the frames will blend in while the content will stand out.

Conclusion: Double photo frames online are an easy and quick way to change the appearance of your home.
From wooden photo frames that add a touch of classicism in a home to the unique shape double photo frames that can incorporate many styles at once, you can easily find dual photo frames online in many ways.

Top 5 Benefits of a Beautiful Cotton Bedsheet

The package for a good sleep comprises of a perfect wooden bed of ideal size, an ideal mattress and most importantly the soft and smooth bedsheet. It is crucial for us to recharge our body for the next day. Otherwise, the entire day would be sluggish. So, to have a comfortable and reposeful sleep it is essential to have a good quality cotton bedsheet for your bed.

If you think that a bedsheet cannot affect your sleep, then you are absolutely wrong! This thin thing coming between you and the mattress has utmost importance, it will define how well would you sleep.

One way to ensure that you sleep uninterrupted and peacefully is to get a cotton bedsheet online. The bedsheets are available online in various materials, patterns and colours. I found the perfect bedsheet online from Wooden Street. The name of the product that I bought is Date palm hand block print bedsheet. The quality is amazing, and the online experience was excellent.

So, if you are looking forward to buy these cotton sheets online then go through the below-mentioned points that will get you acquainted with the perks that you will avail!

1. Cotton material is a good absorber:
The cotton fabric is a pure and natural material which makes it a perfect sheet to sleep on. The bedsheet is breathable; it will allow your body to maintain a certain temperature. The cotton fabric absorbs the heat emitted by your body so that you get up all cool and happy.


cotton bed sheets online

In summers, this cotton bedsheet will keep you cool, and in the winter it will retain your body heat and keep you warm. The cotton sheets will also absorb the sweat of your body so that you can sleep properly.


2. Smooth on your skin:
If you suffer from allergies or you have sensitive skin, then cotton bedsheets are the saviours. You will feel happy, fresh and clean on the cotton sheets. Cotton fabric is pure and is naturally hypoallergenic so you will have less irritation or itchiness.
With cotton sheets, you can have a quality sleep.


3. Lasts longer than other materials:
The cotton bedsheets provide better longevity than the other material. Plus, even if they wear out you can use them for a variety of purposes. For instance, you can use them to cover your sofa’s while dusting, or use them as curtains, etc.


bed sheets

The durability and longevity factor of the cotton bedsheets are on plus side as the cotton weaves have stronger durability! You can view the pure cotton sheets collection at Wooden Street.


4. Low maintenance, less worry:
Are you thinking that being a pure material you will have to do a lot of work for keeping up their charm, then, no! It's just a myth! You can wash them in the washing machines, and apparently, you have to wash them separate from other linens.


best bed sheets online india

And, that's it! That is what required for maintaining the quality of cotton. Make sure you iron it after you take it out from the wash. 100% cotton bedsheets are the best, and you should purchase one for your abode right away!


5. Colourful and pretty:
From bright red to subtle greens and blues, cotton sheets are printed with every colour and pattern. Select the one that fits with your decor and blends entirely with the surrounding. Because a wrong bedsheet can make the home decor look ugly.

Five Useful Tips that Make Study Lamp Buying Convenient

Studying in the emptiness of the night, when there is no hurly-burly of the outside noise, is something that everyone prefers. But, in the loneliness of nights, when you have planned to carry out your reading or studies, others may not be happy with your lighting-up-the-dark act.
Study lamp could prove to be one useful lighting unit, that could help you focus well on the work at hand. These lamps are specifically designed to focus on the work at hand, making things convenient for you.
Also, these lamps come in a variety of designs, suiting the interiors of modern times. Built-in modular styles, these lamps are much suited to the interiors of modern times.
As per one’s purpose, there are a lot of varieties, such as there is the study lamp with clipper at the base, study lamp with a pivotal arm, flexible arm, and many more.
There are so many varieties of these lamps, varying in their designs and purposes.
With so many of the varieties of these study lamps available, it could be a hassle-full task to buy the one that best suits your use.
The following guide may help you buy study lamp online that best suits your use.


Study Lamps: A Buying Guide


Defining the Purpose is Primary
Study lamps do come in different varieties, differing in their usage. There are study lamps with flexible arms, with swinging pivotal-arms, and adjustable lamps. As per your usage, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.


Aesthetics that go with Interiors
Study lamps come in a number of stylish designs that sit well with a number of interiors. Fashioned in a number of colours, these study lamps can also help elevate the decor quotient of these interiors.
There are numerous beautiful and modular designs of these lamps, such as the Clockwork Study Iron lamp, available at Wooden Street, that gives a fine look to the interior of the room.


Investing in Premium Quality
It would be so much better to invest in some worthy product. It would be better to choose premium quality metal-made lamps. Also, check the holder and the sturdiness of the design.


Choosing the Size of the Lamp Wisely
Study lamps are available in different size, and you can choose the size of the lamp that best suits your use.

“Amisha from Jaipur bought the Arris Adjustable Study Lamp from Wooden Street. She loved the fine quality of the lamp, for she has used other lamps bought locally earlier. She is very satisfied, for it feels a like a worthy investment to her.”


Studies in the night, can be a bit tiring and be given an extravagant look to the interiors of the room. Study lamps are the right kind of decor items that provide focused light of ample amount, for reading or studying.
There are numerous varieties of study lamps that are designed for different purposes. With so many varieties of these study lamps available, it could be a bit confusing to buy the study lamp that best suits your purpose.


You could define the purpose firstly, choose aesthetics that sit well with your interiors, invest in premium quality, choose the size and look into other amenities of use.
Wooden Street has quite a range of study lamps that look good in numerous interiors. You can also check out other lamps and lighting units such as lamp shades, table lamps and tripod lamps. When it comes to decor, you can also check out various decor categories such as figurines, artificial flowers, photo frames, wall arts, wall frames, and wall hangings.

Figurines: To Bring Style And Positivity In Your Home

These days for the decoration of our home, the number of items is available in the market and 'Figurines' is also one of them. This piece can add style and flavour to any empty space easily. These pieces have an appealing and colourful impact as a decorative motif. Also, this decor piece is available in the vast range from a traditional set of figurines and bowl figurines to animal figurines and Buddha figurines.


In search of getting simple and unique figurines for my home, has left me with sufficient knowledge about the importance of different types of figurines. You can buy these figurines online from the store like – Wooden Street. This online store has the number of designs and styles for every type of furniture unit, and one can easily get the right match for their home. Even, I had an excellent experience with this store.


Below, I am describing different types of figurines online available at Wooden Street in reasonable price with high-quality.

Take a look.

Red Elephant Resin Figurine :

Elephants are also known as protectors or guardians of every home and bring good luck to everyone's life.

Elephant figurines


The Red elephant resin figurine is comforting, soothing and relaxing, and it is an outstanding choice for the living area or entryway. This figurine is designed with the ideal blend of glossy red colour and style which can easily brighten and welcomes good luck to any home.

Five Performers Wall Hanging (multi-colour) :

For me, the traditional style of home decor pieces is always calm, comfortable and classic in look. With this type of figurines, you will never be going to feel out of fashion. These pieces form the perfect match with rest of the interior and are consistent. At Wooden Street, Five performers wall hangings in multi-colour give an excellent traditional look with a pinch of style.


Figurines online india


Five performers wall hanging in multi-colour figurine is designed with the perfect blend of mid-range of tones. These soothing bold colours are often the basis of a perfect traditional colour scheme. The deeper hues offer the unique look to your home decor style.


Silver Seashell Table Bowl :

The bowls are now available in the form of decorative figurines which are used to add style to your room. These types of pieces are best suited for places like, if you have countertop, desk, table or shelf that need some styling or variation in look. Decorating such empty places with the bowl is an excellent choice. The silver seashell table bowl figurine is an ideal choice to fill any empty top space of the furniture unit.


Decorative figurines online


This style of figurine can also be used for collecting various personal items and stylishly displaying them. The design of this bowl is timeless and stunning which enhances the look of any furniture unit such as a dining table or coffee table. This design of figurine is an exquisite item, a superb addition to any part of the room that would like to appeal the unique and modern style.

Two Turtles Gold Resin Figurine :

The tortoise is blessed with a long life, so, the people believe it gives long life to us. The two turtle’s gold resin figurine at Wooden Street is a unique and small piece of home decor.


Figurines india


One can use this piece anywhere such as car, living room or any type of the table. This home decor piece will surely bring style and prosperity in our life.

Golden Candle Stand :

To decorate your home in a most interesting, attractive and exotic way, the Golden candle stand figurine is the best option. This product is designed in an enchanting style which captures the essence of any place in a unique way. While this home decor piece is tempting to go crazy because of such a simple design and sparkling colour.

Conclusion :

A simple and unique figurine can easily add oodles of style to any room in your home.

Wooden Street has an extensive collection of designer figurines in all shapes that can adorn the interior of all sorts. For the perfect furniture units, you can also customize the pieces according to your needs and likes.


Tremendously Terrific Wall Cabinet Designs for An Innovative Look

Storage is required in many rooms, whether it is your bedroom, living room, dining room, or study room. But at the same time, space is one of the critical things that pose hindrance in fulfilling these storage needs. Although furniture units such as a chest of drawers and cabinets are available to store all your requisite stuff, these take considerate floor space. Especially, in the modern-day apartment culture where most of the rooms are compact, these bulk storage units wouldn’t be the right solution to our storage problems.


Wall cabinets are the perfect furniture units that save a lot of space and have ample storage capacity. Since these units are also called hanging wall cabinet; we are left with a lot of effective floor-space.


These storage units can be hung anywhere around the home, such as on the walls, or in wall-corners utilising empty spots on the walls.
Since these units are designed in contemporary styles; their aesthetics help to embellish the interior of your house. These wooden wall cabinets online are available in a number of overlaying finishes, which come in a number of wooden-finish options as well as colourful finishes.


In the following points, I have described some of the innovative wooden wall cabinet designs, that enhance the look of contemporary time interiors.

Innovative Wooden Wall Cabinet Designs


Quatro Wall Shelf
This is a uniquely designed hanging wall cabinet. This innovative design has a cabinet in the center, with open shelves on all the four corners, surrounding the wall cabinet. The outer surface of the cabinet is decorated with a colourful floral design that gives a wonderful accent to the beautiful grain pattern of the sheesham wood. The aesthetics are charmed more by overlaying finishes such as walnut, honey, mahogany and teak.
This wall cabinet can be useful in the kitchenettes for storing utilities in the cabinet and adorning the open shelves with decorative items.


Ripley Wall Shelf
This wooden wall cabinet model has two open shelves and two closed cabinets, which are aesthetically adorned with amazing grain pattern of the sheesham wood. Sheesham hardwood also gives durability to this furniture.
This wall cabinet can be used in a number of places such as in the study rooms. The open shelves can be used for keeping books on display.


Esparza Wall Shelf
This is a rusty and traditional design of wooden wall cabinet which is organised in three compartmentalised shelves within a cabinet. Sheesham hardwood gives durability to the wooden wall cabinet, and also its grain pattern gives a ravishing look to the aesthetics. This wall cabinet is functionally useful for kitchens as well as dining rooms.


Odom Wall Shelf
This is an inventive wall cabinet design, specially designed for hanging in a wall-corner. This wall cabinet can be useful in kitchenettes, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

Simone Wall Shelf
This wooden wall cabinet design is patterned with stylistic bohemian-time designs which give a unique look to the interiors of the room. The bottom bunk has an open shelf which can be very useful for keeping decorative items on display.

Wall cabinets are space savvy designer units that can be hung in a variety of places including bedroom, dining room, living and kitchen. These can be used in a number of ways to store a variety of things. Such as these can be used as a storage cabinet in the kitchen or dining area, as a bookshelf in the study room or miscellaneously for storing rarely or frequently used stuff.
Wooden Street has a vast collection of wooden wall cabinets for the interiors of numerous sorts, designed in stylish patterns. When it comes to storage, we have bookshelves for study rooms, chest of drawers, hutch cabinets, crockery units, shoe racks, magazine racks, bar cabinets and many more.
You could also check our interior designing services and the vast collection of other furniture units.

Add Boon with the Blossom via Artificial Flowers

When you intend to add some decorative to your home, the first thought that hits your mind is a fancy vase with some pretty flowers. Who on earth is not a nature lover? But that does not mean that we can let lotus float in our rooms or trees grow close to our bed. This is the reason why artificial flowers have been developed as a means to overcome every fantasy of nature for a nature lover.

I being a nature lover never stepped back to add the best of natural hues to my doodah. And therefore, I searched on Woodenstreet.com and looked out for the best that could suit my aspirations and décor. And I found the same and was glad when I received what I liked the most.

And later on, I was proud of how much good had I done to the decorates. I will explain beneath the reasons why I felt so:

1. Cost Friendly:
You cannot go for fresh flowers every day, especially when you do not have a garden at your home. Bunch of artificial flowers are meant for long-term use and therefore a good investment to go for.


Artificial Flowers

Also, polyester fabric is a reasonable option to intend a purchase. So, you can get a ravishing appeal at a reasonable price.


2. Immortal Tendency
Artificial flowers are life-long, as they will never dry and fade. All you need to do is just a little dusting to the cloth, and you are all set. They will always bloom in the same red, pink, indigo etc. pretty colors with complete charm. Therefore, being immortal to the vase.


3. Carefree to the Climate
These are not like jasmine that will bloom in autumn and die in summer. Summer, winter, autumn, spring none of the weather plays any role in the life of these flowers.


Artificial Flowers


Since they are synthetic, they will never lose, their luster and blossom. Thus, being supportive of every climate.


4. Portability
These flowers do not worry about sunlight or fresh air. If you shift to a new house, it won't even mind being packed in a box. Thus, easily portable and can be shipped to a long-long journey without much of stress of weather and time management. Also, being packed does not lead to any difference in the color and quality of the product. Therefore, it can be a nice travel partner.


5. Low-maintenance
These artificial flowers do not require to be sprinkled with water now and then or watering it more often. All it takes is dusting through a cloth, and it is all set to shine. A little dusting in three to four days also can help with the purpose. Thus, carries low maintenance.


6. Allergy Fighter
One does not have to compromise with the beauty of the rose and the fact that you have to sneeze now and then. Also, one does not need to worry that there is some bee revolving around the petals. Since artificial flowers do not have a smell, these are friendly to all sort of flower lovers. Therefore, it is dust resistant and allergy resistant.


Plastic Flowers


 You can display it in any surrounding without much stress of who is allergenic to what.

These are some of the factors that made me realize that I had added a bonanza to my collection of decorates. And their beauty gives me peace, and beauty to my surroundings. Artificial flowers can be an amazing means for decoration, without much of thought.

So, let nature represent your household with artificial flowers.

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Redeck your Wall with Language and Echo: via Wall Frames and Icons

There is no doubt in the fact that photos and portraits have become a must to be displayed on the wall. 1990’s was the time when by wall hangings all we meant was a huge pendulum clock. Well, now people have geared up, ancient era has passed and interior décor to the house has become as essential as cheese to the pizza.


And therefore, there have been introduced a variety of options to adorn your abode. Wall picture frames, wall photo frames, wall hangings etc. have become essentials to the essence of the home. Now that online market is meant to provide services at your home, they also intend to provide a variety to chose from. When you search the first awesome pop-up would be that of Woodenstreet.com which by no doubt provides a ravishing range to chose from. You get to get innumerous wall frames to go for.
Here, I will specify some of the categories to chose from in terms of wall frames:


1. Wall Photo Frames Collage
You collect albums to see so many beautiful pictures of yours. So why not display on the wall as well. A wall photo frame collage has become a striving trailblazer in modern houses. In fact, people nowadays get new houses keeping in mind how they will decorate their wall. So, if you are intending the same, you should definitely put a glance at Woodenstreet.com where there are so many splendid photo frame collages available. Grace your wall with your happy faces!


2. Wall Photo Collages with Notes
Give voice to your wall with amazing wall frames with words. For instance, home arrow photo collage, love photo collage, eatery photo collage etc. On Woodenstreet include wall picture frames with words. Thus, clearly expressing the intention of the frames. Eatery frame in the dining room or in the kitchen is a complete depiction of foodies. Home arrow photo frame can be used in the lobby to indicate the family members in the photo frames and the arrow to highlight your home inside. Therefore, wall photo collages with notes clearly give language to the walls.


3. Floater Framed Wall Art
These wall frame paintings are a perfect poise to your wall. This category holds a combination of paintings, that are so finely coordinating among each other. It holds the capacity to even turn a lame cement wall to an outstanding piece of décor. These paintings are generally theme based holding combinations of blue, yellow, green etc. primary colors. This clearly is an outstanding symbolism of elegance to the house.


4. Mirror Collage
Gone are the days, when mirrors were just meant as a tool to see your face. Nowadays, mirrors can be a marvelous wall art to your wall. Products like Bohemian mirror collage on Woodenstreet includes a blissful display of mirrors to the wall. A combination of mirror of different sizes with certain art pieces, have become a trendsetter to the modern abode.


5. Wooden Window Frames
Wooden window frame is an entirely different concept to highlight your walls. Earlier while by window frames we only meant too wooden doors, wooden window frames with mirror is an exquisitely amazing design to your abode. For instance, pinot window frame is a masterpiece for your window. This will give an outstanding appeal to the interior as well as the exterior of the house.


These were some of the categories that were worth a depiction for your abode. Now that everybody desires a dream house, and people have stopped thinking of the fact that home is just meant to be four walls. The market has developed itself to fulfil every individual dream of a beautiful house. Woodenstreet to some extent definitely offers a key to a gorgeous home. Just surf through the best and you are all set to plan your dream home!


For more information, visit woodenstreet.com and avail the Diwali sale and get 20% extra discount!

7 Fantastic Figurines for Giving A Fab furnish to the Decor

Figurines are amazing units that give an amazing look to the interior of the room. Figurines are small figure depicting cultural events, mythological statuettes, and other animal figures. Figurines look amazing in various scenarios in the house.
The aesthetic value that these wonderful units add to the interior of the room is unmatched.

Figurines are made up of a variety of different materials such as PVC (Poly vinyl Chloride), ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), natural resin and polystone. Polystone is an artificial compound of natural resin and is particularly the most premium quality among all the other variants especially because of the finer details that can be obtained while making figurines from these units.

Numerous figurines can be adorned at different places in the house such as in the bedroom, living room, dining room, study etc.

There are many varieties of figurines online that look great in different rooms and with many other furniture units.

In the following points, I have described several units of figurines that give a decorative look to the interior.


Different Figurine Designs


Pure Buddha Resin Face Idol
This is a wonderful decorative unit that has a serene expressive Buddha face that gives a calming ambience to the surrounding interior of the room.

Buddha figurines

This Buddha's face is available in different colours such as white, red and yellow.


Three White Resin Bunny Figurine
This is a set of endearing bunny figures that give a soothing ambience to the interior of the room. These figurine units can be placed in a number of places such as bedside tables, end table and over many other furniture units.

Rabbit figruines


Teal Buddha Resin Figurine
This is a large Buddha figurine sitting in lotus position, over a lotus, whose presence changes the ambience of the place greatly.

buddha figurines

This figurine looks great in the living room or can also elevate the look of any other open area.


Golden Ganesha Resin Figurine
This Ganesha figurine has been designed as per the interiors of modern trends. The Golden colour of the figurine accents amazement into the surrounding interior.

Ganesha figurines


Silver Seashell Table Bowl
This design is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary trend. The subtle enchantment that this decor item adds to the interior is unmatched.

seashell figurines

This seashell bowl is also available in golden colour.


Five Performers Figurine Set of 5
This design of figurine depicts Indian tradition and gives the same kind of vibe inside the interior. The five preforming figurines can be arranged in different arrangements giving a wonderful look to the interior of the room.


Red Elephant Resin Figurine
A cuddly looking red elephant is a modish figurine which elevates the look of the interior. This figurine is much suited to the interiors of modern times.

elephant figurines

“Nishka from Pune bought the Amber Buddha Figurine and has enlightened the ambience of her interior. She loved the quality, colour, and the size that is just perfect and worth the cost. She is totally satisfied with the services and the product delivered to her.”


Figurine is designer decor units that give a wonderful look to the interior of the room. These figurine units are made up of a variety of material including PVC, ABS, Resin and polystone. Polystone is one of the best quality materials which gives finer details over the surface of the figurine models. These figurines can be adorned at numerous places such as living room, dining room etc. There are various statuettes that look good in different places.

Wooden Street has a vast collection of figurines of different sorts. Also, you can check out other decor items available on the website such as artificial flowers, photo frames, mirror frames and wall hangings.

5 Types of Lighting sources Serving Light In Style

Light by artificial sources not only serves you to see the world clearly when the natural source is unavailable but also helps in making our life better by its several features. Today the human-made sources of light have become a highlight in many ways.

Lamp and lightning are probably the fastest moving industry which has completely adopted themselves according to the needs of the consumer. They believe in not serving just light but serving light in style. These lighting and lamps online are available in various types and helping the users as per their capability.


Tripod Lamps
Tripod lamp is a three-legged stand with a spotlight on the top. This design allows a user to use them for photography in their home itself. Tripod lamps are the unique design lamps which will emerge as showstopper of your room. These are designed in a modern and stylish look that can create a massive difference in the appearance of the room. The different design available in Tripod Lamps is Tripod Floor Lamp and Standing Floor Lamp.


Study Lamps
Study lamps are made for those individuals who want to make it big by devoting some extra efforts. The benefit of providing focused light without straining the eyes is the main USP of the product. Although This product can be used by people of all age groups this product is mainly used by students and writers so that there is no disturbance to other family member’s sleep at the time of reading or performing their work.


Hanging Lights
Hanging Lights can be used anywhere in the house as they serve the feature of decorative lighting. These are available in Geometric pattern as well as Cage. These can be a perfect unit for your dining area as it provides enough volume of light. These completely change the whole appearance of the room with their presence. This light can be used inside the room or outside the house for the better exterior.


Lamp Shades
If you want your light to behave according to your mood, then lampshades are perfect for you. Lamp Shades are the cotton material in different colorful patterns which give a beautiful shade to the room. Not only these soften the hard light from the bulb but also make the interior of the chamber look more decorated than before.


Table Lamps
Just imagine seeing a beautiful masterpiece just corner of your bed which also provides you light and mesmerizes the surrounding with the rich appearance. This limited source of light serves as the attention grabber of the bedroom with the stunning and classic looks.

Lamps and Lightning have transformed the source of light into main style icons of the house. This perfectly designed masterpiece is available in different sizes types, and patterns in the different price range. The various types of lamps include Tripod lamps, Study Lamps, Hanging Lights, Table lamps and lamps shade. There are many online/offline portals dealing in Lamps and Lightning in India. Individuals who want a stylish member of a light source can go for it.
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5 Reasons To Go For Cotton Version Quilt

Probably Quilts will be the first thing your mom will take out from trunks at the time of cleaning house for Diwali. These are the best thing many people desires in winters. Getting wrapped with it at the time of chilling winters is beyond explained through words.


These not only protects you from cold but also helps you to remain comfortable and relaxed throughout winters. Today these bed quilts online are available in different colors, materials and patterns which can go and make any bed more beautiful.These are available in different materials such as cotton, wool and silk. I will further elaborate on the cotton version of it and how it is beneficial for use than its fellow coequals.

Cotton version of quilts is said to be comfortable than its fellow counterparts. They are made up of cotton and said to be soft, cooler and comfortable to breathe.They are beneficial in giving a warm sleep as they does not suffocates the body.


They are also recommended for small babies who have soft skin then their adult counterparts and they can be used in summers as well.

Non- allergenic
Cotton is indeed a universal product as it can be used by anyone. They are considered to be an ideal product for all those individuals who are prone to allergy as it is non-allergenic.They are also recommended for those who have as sensitive skin.

Durable Product
Cotton quilt is a durable product which makes it a product for all classes of people. They are affordable as wool and silk are considered to be costly.


They are considered to be a lightweight material which can sustain long then its fellow counterparts. They can easily be folded and put into trunks without any fear of loss of quality for future use.

Product of Low Maintenance
They will not let your soft hand lost its charm as there is no need to special hand wash. can easily go with washing machines without any fear and can be easily used for a longer duration period

Charming the interior
In Modern Phrase of time, the appearance of a product also matters then its functions. Cotton Quilt is available in different patterns, Textures and designs which charms the wood finish as well as the interior of the room and makes the bed super classic in appearance. 

 The availability in different patterns gives multiple choices to choose the one according to the requirement of the user.


Quilts are an excellent choice for wrapping yourself in winters. There are many types of quilts like cotton, wool and silk from which an individual choose according to its preference and requirement. Cotton quilts have many advantages like they are comfortable, non-allergenic, durable and can be used by anyone.An individual can choose from various types of patterns according to his/her choice. There are many online/offline portals dealing in quilts in India. Individuals who want their winters to be super warm and comfortable can choose it among its counterparts.

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Side and End Tables: Create the Magic With Tiny Creatures!

Who doesn’t like the cute and lovely things? Everyone adores the little and endearing stuff always. In the same way, the side and end tables are adorable and attractive furniture units in the home. You can add these tables to your home a different place for enhancing the beauty and functionality at the same time.
You can add these tables to any place without having a second thought. These are space friendly and easy to handle. You can easily add in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living area, porch, balcony and other places as well.
These tables are always with you when you need an additional storage space in any corner of your home.
The side and end tables are beautiful and useful enough for everyone in the home. I am penning down some of the best uses of these units at different places of home, let's take a look:

1)Place them in bedroom: These tables will work brilliantly in your bedroom as these are tiny and useful and can be easily adjusted in any corner.
-Near Bed: You can add this bedside and make your bed more functional and full of facilities. You can put your night lamp, cellphone, novel and water bottle nearby you on your side tables.
-At Dressing table: You can add more storage space with your dressing tables. You can arrange all your additional accessories in these tables for better organization and easy access. You can thank me later when you arrange this in your bedroom.
-At walk-in-closet: The walk-in closet is the best place to add the side tables. You can add these for placing the small accessories and can use it as a stool in the closet. You can add the functional seating in your closet without any space issues.

2)Place them in the dining and living area: You can add these tables in your living room as well as dining room. Arrange the set of end tables with sofa sets and divan for adding the functionality and unique appeal in the room. These can work brilliantly in the dining space. You can place the dining accessories in these tables and place them in the corners of the dining room.

3)Place them in the kitchen: You can place these side tables in your kitchen space for increasing the usability and storage space. You can add them in the corner of the kitchen counter and can store small kitchen accessories in these.

4)Place them in the balcony: Make a storage coffee tables with the help of a set of side tables in your balcony. You can enjoy the snack time with ease when you have enough space for your plates and cups. You can have a perfect place for enjoying your snack and evening tea in your balcony.

5)Place in your backyard: The backyard in the home is an important place, and you can make it useful by adding the side tables and swing chairs in it. You can make this place a get together hub by adding some lounge chairs and side tables in this place.

Summary: The side and tables are the perfect and versatile furniture units. You can use them for different purposes and at different places according to the requirements and uses at that place. You can buy online side and end tables from Wooden Street as they have a stylish and huge collection of these tables.
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Explore the 5 Astonishing Benefits Of Wooden Beds

Beds! A feeling that fills your heart with the comfort and relaxation that you have ached to have for the entire day. It is that confined area where we enjoy to the fullest, from watching movies to completing the report for the next meeting, we spent most of our time on it.

It relaxes your body mentally and physically. Beds are the entities that we rely on every day, it's an un-detachable part of our life that has to be perfect in every sense. Hence, while purchasing it, online one has to be very attentive and look through every feature, detailing, size and other additional functionality.


As there are plenty of options available online, I was enticed by the wooden beds. But, being a little skeptic about it, I turned towards my friends. They gave me a pretty good review of the bed they bought from Wooden Street! So, I went with my gut feeling, and I felt so happy and contented with the wooden material.


So, here I am to guide you through the various benefits that you can avail if you choose a wooden bed over metal ones.

1. Sturdiness:
The first thing that strikes our mind when we hear wooden beds is sturdiness! They have been known for their sturdiness and durability. These are strong and won't experience any cracks. Unlike metal ones which can start rusting as soon as they come in contact with moisture.

Wooden beds with their sturdiness will last longer and wouldn’t require regular care like the metal ones.


2. Beautiful appeal:
The wooden material has a natural appeal that no other material can compete with. The natural shine and pattern on the wooden material make it more appealing and attractive. Luxury wooden beds can be incorporated into any environment whether it's contemporary or traditional. Wooden bed frames are available in excellent designs, finishes and patterns.

They have intricate patterns carved on them that cannot be done on metal ones. Moreover, the finish options give life to the wooden beds. There are several finishes such as mahogany, teak, honey and walnut, which can serve different decor and personal requirements of people.


3. The customization is easy:

This quality of the wooden material makes them the favourite material for craftsmen. They love experimenting with the wooden beds, and you can feel it by viewing the extensive variety online. From the fantastic hydraulic storage beds to royal poster beds everything is finely crafted.

You can create your personal design with the wooden material by providing the design of the bed, size and patterns you want to carve on it to the customer care.


4. Easy maintenance:
The next quality of wooden beds is that these can be easily cleaned and maintained. No extra care required! All you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth weekly so that no dust particle settle on it.



5. Restore the beauty:
So, are you thinking what would be the condition of the bed after years of usage? Then, let me get these clear, wooden beds are ever-lasting and evergreen. These won't go out of fashion nor would they lose their beauty.

Even if the charm wears off, you can re-apply the wooden finishes for a glossy surface and a beautiful appeal.


Conclusion :
From the above-mentioned points can you feel the natural appeal, beautiful aesthetics and the vivid customization ideas for a wooden bed? Yes, the wooden beds are the most versatile beds ever, you can experiment with them and create your type of design. From poster to traditional anything can be rocked with the wooden material.


If you are planning to replace your old metal bed with a wooden bed, then view the comprehensive collection of gorgeous wooden beds on Wooden Street. They have a wide variety of types, designs, size and patterns.


They also provide customization facility if you have your heart on a certain design you saw on Instagram!


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7 Ravishing Designs of Wardrobes for Contemporary Interiors

Storage is a pre-requisite in any of the rooms. Wardrobes are the storage furniture for the bedrooms. Whether it be your clothing, footwear, valuables or any other wearable accessories. These furniture units come in a vast variety of materials such as metal and wood. Also, there are numerous styles of these wardrobes available in the market.


These wardrobes do vary in their storage capacity and arrangement of shelves, cabinets and drawers.


Also, there are one door, two door as well as three door wardrobes available in the market.


It isn’t just the purpose of storage but also the aesthetic value of the designer styles of these wardrobes that bestow awesomeness into the interior of the room.


In the following points, I have described some of the beautiful designs of wardrobes.


Amazing Wardrobe Designs


1. Morse Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This is a wonderful designer storage unit that has embossed grids which accent grain pattern of Sheesham wood finely. The storage is a two door almirah with a cabinet at the top, and a relatively smaller one below it. Both, the upper and the lower cabinets are compartmentalized into two halves, with the right cabinet being further shelved.


2. Martin Multi-Utility Wardrobe
The martin wardrobe has fine design of embossed diamond and cross designs alternating over the surface of the wardrobe. The bottom of the wardrobe has two drawers. The storage of this wardrobe is well organised with the compatments made in the cabinet.


3. Florian Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This is a lavish looking wardrobe unit that gives an amazing look to the interior of the room with their wondrous look. There are drawers inside the cabinet which enhance the storage inside this multi-utility wardrobe.


4. Lynet Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This wardrobe has an amazing design of slotted surface that gives it a modular look. The storage of the furniture is well compartmentalized to provide ample and organised storage inside the wardrobe.


5. Swirl Multi-Utility Wardrobe
The aesthetics of this wardrobe unit are subtly gracious and give an amazing look to the interior with their designer look. There is a top cabinet compartment and a relatively smaller one below it. There are drawers inside this wardrobe unit that is useful for keeping valuables safely.


6. Travis Multi Utility Wardrobes
The Travis design of wardrobe accents modernity with its wonderful grid like embossing and engraving grids alternating well. The drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe has drawers that can be accessed without opening the main cabinet.


7. Howler 1 Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This design is one to die for and gives an amazing look to the interior of the room. This is best for extra storage with the main almirah or for small storage. The drawers at the bottom enhances the storage capacity of this multi-utility wardrobe.


“Shikha from Bengaluru bought the Florian Multi-utility wardrobe from Wooden Street. She loved the immensity of storage and the wonderful design overlaid over the front surface of this wardrobe. She loved the wonderful service and was in awe of the aesthetics, which surpassed her expectations big time.”


Conclusion :
Storage requirement in the bedroom can be fulfilled using designer wardrobes, which also give an authentic look to the aesthetics of the room. There are numerous designs of these wardrobes available in the market. These different variants differ in their storage, such as shelves, cabinets, and drawers.
These wardrobes also vary in their storage capacity, such as there are one door, two door and three door almirahs.
Wooden street has a vast collection of storage furniture available including wall shelves, hutch cabinets, crockery units, and bathroom cabinets.
Also, you cam check out the numerous varieties of other furniture for numerous purposes.