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Top 5 Bathroom Cabinets To Give Luxurious Feel To the Bathroom

Have you ever dreamt about taking a lavish bath in luxurious surroundings and peace? You always see these types of bathrooms in movies and in five star hotels. These are normally not found in our houses. Clean and well organized bathroom is always a dream for many.
If you also want a lavish and well-arranged bathroom, you can use bathroom cabinets to make your bathroom well groomed.
There are enormous types of bathroom cabinets you can incorporate in your place to make it stunning and soothing.

Today we will discuss about different types of bathroom cabinets, which will work better for you:

1.Bathroom wall cabinets:
These wall cabinets are specially designed for your bathroom. It doesn’t take the floor space of your bathroom and well settled on the wall.
You can easily install these bathroom cabinets and store all your bathroom essentials in these cabinets systematically. There are proper racks and shelves inside these cabinets.
You can classify your stuff according to the uses and then give your bathroom a neater and cleaner look.

2.Towel Racks/wall shelving:
These wall shelves are very useful and functional. You can fix these shelves on any wall of your bathroom. These shelves are open, so that you can easy identify your stuff and it saves your time.
Keep all your towel sets, shampoo bottles, tooth brush stand and other essentials on these racks.
These come in variety of designs, styles, materials and patterns. These are made of metal, wood and plastic. The wooden wall shelves are the best as they don’t need extra care and cleaning methods and serves you for years.
These are durable and sturdy and make your bathroom look stylish and elegant. There is nothing good as compare to wooden racks because these enhance the look and feel of the place and easily blend with any type of decor.

3.Bathroom Vanity:
Bathroom vanities are the furniture units which changes unused space into useful one. Basically bathroom vanities are kept under the sink. The space under the sink is usually unused and free. So, designers make this place useful by adding storage facility to it.
You can place all your bathroom cleaning products here like phenol, lizol, nehphthelein balls, collin and other things. These vanities make your bathroom more functional and give it a neater look.
These bathroom vanities gives your bathroom a clean and systematic look. These bathroom cupboards come in many styles, designs and different mechanism. Some have shelves, and some have cabinets. You can opt anyone according to your bathroom and shape of the sink.


4.Storage benches:
If you have spacious bathroom, then you can add a storage bench here. Make these bench functional by adding cabinets under the seating. You can relax on this bench by applying some face mask and enjoy the peace.
These storage benches have cabinets, you can place all your face-packs, towel sets, bath robes and other bathroom and grooming essentials in these cabinets.



5.Corner display racks:
Corner display racks are basically the display units of bathroom. It placed in the corner of the bathroom. You can place all your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, scrubers, soaps, body mist and other bathing accessories.
These corner shelves can be opened or sometimes these have cabinets. These units have proper and systematic shelving and these makes your bathroom look organized and well arranged.


Bathroom cabinets have versatility. These units can make your bathroom look cleaner, neater and well settled. The dream of your lavish bathroom can be close to you, if you use these units smartly and in proper way.
Wooden Street provides you huge range of bathroom storage furniture. You can get free delivery and installation services at Wooden Street. You can also customize your furniture units here.