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5 Unique Ways to Mix and Match Dining Chairs in Your Home

Years ago, formal dining rooms table sets were a must-have furniture piece in most homes—it was the main hub for entertaining family and friends. But, today in this modern world, everything becomes modern. Thanks to this often desired open-concept plans, which usually combine dining, living, and kitchen areas, and changed that old view completely.


So, if you do own a dining room—or even just a dining room table—and want to give it a less formal, more youthful kind of a vibe. Go, let's start doing that by mix and match concept! Yes, mixing dining chairs is a great way to achieve that. Below, am sharing six simple ways to get started.

“Say goodbye to formal furniture dining sets and tap into the art of uniqueness by creating your own chic collection.”


Same Chairs, Different Shades: A quick way to proffers a casual vibe while also maintaining motif is to use the same dining chair but in different yet complementary colours. This can be quite easy to do if you are shopping for a new set of dining chairs online, particularly if they’re contemporary in style and are powder-coated steel, painted black, brown or grey in wood, or have a plastic or fabric seat.



Same Colours, Different Chairs: Colours always tend to be a wonderful option to add. It can create the same relaxed-but-curated vibe. This can even be a fun task or an easy DIY project, as you can collect wooden dining chairs online—and then paint them all in a single pop colour.


Highlight the Main: If you’re not interested in having each piece in a different colour or style, another way to combine mismatched chairs is to put emphasis on the seats at both the opposite ends of the diningtable—i.e. where the hosts usually sit—by making them distinct from the others.


Using two types of dining chairs gives just enough variation to keep a cohesive feel at the table, while also adding visual interest through the contrast of colour, shape, texture or size.


A Combo of Retro and Contemporary: Mixing and matching the styles of the dining chairs is yet another chic way to add easy personality to your dining area. It can create a dramatic feel of visual interest, especially if the shapes are contrasting. For an instance, consider traditional spindle-back wooden dining chair with curvy midcentury, modern chairs that are a bit more solid with straight lines.



Unity in Material Can Work Wonders: Sometimes, even the best way to tie together various styles and types are not through contrast or the use of the same colours, but by a unified material sensibility. For an example, rough-hewn wood, polished concrete or blackened steel might seem like they all wouldn’t work together, yet their subtle tones and matte finishes act as a perfect complement to each other.

Conclusion: Being an amazing piece of furniture that comes in handy for the entire family, dining chairs add more aesthetic to the overall decor of the room. There are many beautifully crafted dining chairs online that are known for their originality and classic appearance – that can comfortably fit the decor of any home.


No matter what type of dining table you choose to contrast or coordinate with your existing furniture, it is sure to become an essential piece of furniture by following the above-mentioned dining chair styling tips.


Which styling tip is your favourite? Write it down in the comment section below about your favourite choice. For more interesting stuff you can like and subscribe to our YouTube channel.