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“5 Reasons Why” Bunk Beds Are Worth Buying

Kids mean the world to their parents. They do their every bit to make their kids’ lives happy and comfortable. And, especially if they haven’t grown up yet, then they’ll be pampered the most. They get everything they desire even before asking for it.


A kids’ room is the place where a child spends most of his time. This room has almost all the essentials without which children cannot live. There are toys, dolls, story books, coloring books, their clothes, study tables, chairs, indoor games and beds.


Talking of beds, there is a wide variety of beds available in the market and online. For kids, there are cribs, trundle beds and bunk beds.


If you have two kids, then you must try buying a bunk bed.


A bunk bed is a useful furniture unit. A bunk bed has two beds stacked one over the other. It has a ladder attached to it for climbing up. These bunker beds are mostly manufactured from wood.


Bunk beds are a good buy for your kids’ playroom because of its many features. Some of the reasons are described as follows.


1. Best for Less Space

In rooms with less space, keeping two beds is not a convenient option. These beds occupy a lot of space and hence a very less space is left for keeping other furniture and rest of the things. Bunk beds are stacked one over the other, so they are best for small rooms. Bunk beds acquire space of only one bed instead of two.


2. Strong and Durable

Bunk beds have four legs which gives full support. These have to hold up heavy weights so these are made from strong material. Wooden Street manufactures bunk beds from premium quality hard wood which is the best material. Hard woods are strong, robust and durable. Solid Wood bunk beds at Wooden Street are mostly made from sheesham and mango wood.



3. Safe and Secure

The lower section of the bed has a ladder on one side and railings on other three sides and the upper section has railings on all four sides. Hence, a bunker bed is very safe for your kids. Your kids won’t fall off the bed while sleeping. See the Hout Bunk Bed, at Wooden Street. It is perfect for the safety of your children.


4. Convenient for Ill Days

Bunk beds help to manage your kids individually. When one of them is sick, you can take care of him without disturbing the other as they will sleep on different beds. You can wake him up at night, give medication etc. The other one can sleep soundly. Also, he would be safe from any infections. Otherwise infectious diseases can spread to one kid from the other.


5. Multiple Uses

Bunk Beds come in two variants- with and without storage. With storage bunk beds are very useful as it has space to store a lot a stuff. Many things can be kept in it. Like, your children’s toys, blankets, pillows, bed-sheets, clothes, extra bedding etc. By storing stuff in the beds will make your room look cleaner, neater and organized. The Lucifer Kids Bed With Storage, at Wooden Street, comes with multiple sections and drawers to store your stuff. It also has a roll-out desk that can be used while studying.



Bunk Beds are a wonderful furniture unit for your child’s playroom. You can buy beds in multiple colors or with some cartoons printed on it or with some stars engraved on it. This will enhance the attraction of your kids room. You can even customize a bunk bed for kids if you want to. Wooden Street has a wide range of beautiful bunk beds.