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Step By Step guide on How to Choose the Ideal Bedside Table

Why not give your bed a partner? This will not only provide a complete look to your bedroom but will also be highly useful. The bedside table is the queen your king size bed might be looking for!!
The bedside table holds a next level of importance in the bedroom. These are not only the place where you can keep all the assorted stuff because you are too lazy to get up but is also a furniture unit which can be used in several different places to serve several different purposes.
Wooden bedside table on WoodenStreet.com caught my eye, and I selected one from the catalogued piece. The premium quality wood and ultimate finish are what I was looking for.
The bedside table is available online on various sites including Woodenstreet.com in different shape, size and style. If a thing goes wrong in the bedroom it will make the entire look ugly, so to avoid these mishaps I have penned down some of the points to keep in mind while purchasing bed side table online.


1. The height of the bed side table:
The appropriate height of the bedside table is essential. The bed side table should neither be too short nor too tall than the height of the bed. So, that the bedside table does not overpowers the bed and it separately shines in the bedroom.
Hence, consider purchasing a table having almost same height as your mattress so you can reach up to things quickly.
Introduce the perfect sized bed side table in your bedroom and spruce up the entire bedroom.
2. Go for the bedside table with drawers:
Bedside tables should have a storage drawer so that you can place all the itsy-bitsy things like books, alarm clock, wallet, keys, night lotion, phones, etc., inside it.
This will help you increase the storage space in your room plus the bedside table would also do double duty, by providing a place to stack up items and also as a place to assemble a beautiful night lamp.

3. Buy a set of bedside table:
If you wish that your bed looks like it is complete, then buy the bedside tables in a pair. Whether you buy these in a similar style or you buy them of different styles. But, make sure the size and height of tables are equal.
4. Go wooden, go natural:
Choose a wooden bed side table for a traditional look. The Woodenstreet has an extensive range of wood products including wooden bedside tables.
Wooden bedside tables would blend with the existing furniture units effortlessly. The various finishes available on woodenstreet.com will help you find the perfect shade that is perfect for your interior decor.
Wood is durable, sturdy and would last longer than other materials available online. These are less susceptible to scratches and keeps everything pretty and beautiful in the room. Place a nightstand or put a cup of coffee and make it a coffee table. A wooden bedside table is the best as these are less prone to staining and other stuff.


Furbishing the bedroom with unusual things make the place look distinctive and appealing. One of the commodities to do the experiment with is a bedside table.
Bedside table can be used in several ways, use them as a coffee table, as a nightstand or simply as a table for your munchkins to study, and these tables are usable in a plethora of ways.
Mentioned above are some of the points that you can consider while buying a bedside table. To experience the amazing designs of wooden bedside tables online on Woodenstreet.com. And guess what they have customisation facility too, so now you can make your own bedside table from scratch.