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7 Uncomplicated Cues to Buy A Bar Trolley

Holding parties on weekends in your house is a great way to maintain your relations with your friends. Bar trolleys are best, when you have a bar at your home, for carrying the booze, glasses and eatables from your bar or cabinet to the party place or where the guests are sitting.


If you are someone who does not have a bar cabinet or a home-bar, you can still use a bar trolley in a corner of your living room where you can place all the bottles and the glasses.


These furniture units are available in the market in different capacities, wooden finishes, wheel system and shelving. According to one’s usage, a bar trolley can be chosen that suits you well.


With all the numerous amenities available in these bar trolleys, it may be confusing to select the bar trolleys that fulfil all your requirements. In the following pointers, I have mentioned the various aspects that one can consider before buying a bar trolley online.


Bar Trolley: A Buying Guide


Selecting the Material
The market is flooded with furniture made of engineered wood such as plywood or MDF. Furniture made in these woods is not the best choice for a long-lasting and sturdy furniture.
Hardwoods also were known as solid-woods, such as Mango Wood and Sheesham, are the best kinds of woods if your goal is to buy a furniture that stands sturdily for years to come.


Deciding the Budget
It would be useful to fix the budget before you are planning to buy a furniture. The bar trolleys are available in the market in a wide price range, varying according to the capacity, wood finish, the wood material and the design.
Deciding the budget beforehand will help you make better choices regarding other aspects.

Choosing the Finish according to the Decor
The wooden bar trolleys are coated in different wooden finishes, such as Walnut, Honey, Mahogany, Teak and Natural Finish. It would be better if you choose the finish of the bar trolley according to the decor, or the finish of the bar cabinet or your home bar colour or finish.


Measure the Dimension and Size
If you do not have a full home bar or a bar cabinet, a bar trolley can serve you well. You can place a bar trolley in the corner of your room and store the bottles and the glasses.
For this, measure the dimension of the area where you are planning to place the bar trolley so that you know what size of bar trolley to buy.

Checking the Wheel System
The cartwheels are present in the market in numerous varieties. It is better to check the wheel system of the bar cart. The wheels must roll smoothly and the axis of the wheel must also take a 360-degree roll, without any hitch.

Assessing Your capacity Requirements
These furniture units are available in the market which has different capacities. Choose a bar trolley that matches your capacity requirements.


Check bottle grooves and hooks
Make sure that you select a bar trolley that has bottle shelving grooves and hooks for hanging or shelving glasses.


“Mukul from Delhi bought a Mendel bar trolley from the Wooden Street website. It is the statement piece in his living area. To him, it looks so classy and gorgeous with its closed storage box and it makes a perfect place to display his fine collection of wines. He is impressed by the wood quality and the finish. He customised the furniture according to his needs, and is very happy with the end product that was delivered.”


Bar trolleys are best for carrying your booze from the bar area or the cabinets to the party area. With so many options for bar trolleys available, it may be a bit confusing to select a comfortable choice.
Wooden Street has a vast range of furniture of almost all sorts. We also provide our customers with the facility to customise the furniture according to their specific requirements.