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The Do’s and Don’ts of Assembling a Beautiful Home Temple

Since ages, the Indian home has incorporated wooden temples inside their home to receive prosperity, positivity and blessings of God. For this, every home has a separate zone in the home dedicated to praying the god peacefully.
We can’t directly assemble a pooja mandir in our home without taking into account the various vastu tips. As a home temple is for worshipping God, it is essential that this place is the tranquillity zone in the entire home. Assembling this furniture unit correctly will bring health, happiness and prosperity in the home and also to its occupants.
So, let us find out the do’s and don’ts one must follow strictly if they are purchasing a wooden temple for home.


1.The ideal direction for worshipping:
The north-east direction ruled by the Jupiter, also known as the ‘Ishan Kona' is the direction of God and thus assembling a wooden temple in this direction is advisable.
Placing the home temple in this direction will attract all the positive vibes. You can even install it in the centre of the home, thus enjoy ample benefits of prosperity and good health.

2.The construction of Home temple:
Wooden material is considered the best material for construction of home temples. According to vastu Shastra, a temple made of wood is more religious and brings prosperity to the abode.
You can find the astounding collection of the wooden home temple at woodenstreet.com. The home temples they have are made of solid wood such as sheesham and mango.

3.Direction while worshipping:
While you stand in front of the wooden home temple, it is mandatory that your face should be facing the east direction. The east direction is considered to endow serenity and calmness.

4.Height at which it must be installed:
The wooden temple for the home should be placed at a particular height from the ground; it should be high enough so that when the idol of god or goddess is set, then the base of the idols should be at the level of one's chest.

1.Photographs of the deceased ancestors should not be placed near the idol of gods and goddesses. It is considered inauspicious.
2.Don’t place two idols of the same god in the home temple.
3.Avoid placing unnecessary items beneath the temple, like dustbins.
4.The home temple is sacred so ensure that the wooden home temple is not affixed on the wall behind which there is a washroom.
5.Go for wall mounted wooden home temple as if the temple is placed directly on the ground it is considered as disrespect of the god.
6.Don't have idols of god that is more than 10inches; it is not considered suitable.
7.The temple should be affixed at a height that it is above the chest of the person worshipping.
8.Go for natural finishes for the wooden temple. And light diya and have flowers in the temple whenever you pray.

Along with other home furniture, home temples are also an important and beautiful piece of furniture. These were some of the do’s and don’ts one must consider while assembling a new . The vastu tips will bring positivity and calmness in the home and will save you from the negative energies.
If you are looking forward to purchase a wooden home temple online in India, then woodenstreet.com is the ideal place for you. They have an extensive collection of beautiful home temples made of solid wood. You can even customise them according to your requirements.