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7 Steal-Worthy Ideas for Your Bedroom Furniture Design

Bedrooms are the most comfortable and luxurious place in the whole home; we want them to look beautiful since we spend a lot of time in them. We like our bedroom furniture to look unique, just like the social spaces in the home.
Every bedroom needs a bed, bedside tables and wardrobe furniture, but instead of opting for some specific standard designs, you can consider using unique or custom-designed pieces from Wooden Street that add to the theme of the bedroom in addition to presenting a memorable feature.


Read on below for some amazing bedroom furniture ideas to get inspired:

1. Four-Poster Beds Create a Difference
Wooden 4-poster beds are classic and add an old world charm to any modern bedroom furniture. However, they ought to be bulky and can make a small room appear cramped. But, this bed draped in the sheer beautiful fabric gives an incredible sensual effect to the entire bedroom.


2. Upholstered Fabric Headboard
You can bring style in the furniture for the bedroom with a splash of bright colour from a fabric headboard with matching side tables. Just like this picture of Wagner Upholstered bed from Wooden Street. Accessorize with accent throws and cushions to complete the look.

3. Modern Chest of Drawers
A chest of drawers is the must-have invaluable piece of furniture in a bedroom for storing knickknacks and keeping the bedroom assortments to give a room a clutter-free look. Opt the custom-made option from Wooden Street, if the traditional one seems to be too massive or doesn’t suit the complete style of your bedroom furniture.

4. Bedside Table with Storage
A clever design such as this one makes the most of an awkward place to save space in the room in addition to offering storage space in the form of bedside tables as well as shelves for books and other items.

5. Space-Saving TV Unit Furniture
Instead of placing the entertainment box on a cabinet, mounting it on a wall that hides away the wires brings a clutter-free and more modern look to the bedroom. In addition, you can also incorporate lightings behind the panel and under the floating shelf underneath it to create an alluring piece of bedroom furniture.

6. An Accent Chair
Most modern homes use neutral shades to create sophisticated environs, but often it results in a room which appears to be dull. Infuse a touch of boldness to break the monotony in your bedroom furniture with a contrast toned accent chair.

7. Wooden Wardrobes
Instead of sticking to clear laminates, plastics or mirrors on the wardrobes in your bedroom furniture, how about a square-brick pattern scene, like in this picture of Morse multi-utility wardrobe from Wooden Street to bring a unique look to space?

Conclusion : Bedroom Furniture has an impact on your daily life and is something that you will likely be living with for years to come, so to make a good choice is necessary. After all, you want furniture for a bedroom that can stand up to all of the happenings in your home- for this dream to come true, try hands at Wooden Street for buying bedroom furniture online.
Wooden Street has many success stories about wooden furniture. I want to share the recent review of one of our customers ‘Samyukta Mohanti’ from Noida about Walken King Size Bed with Storage:

She says: “The bed has excellent design and comfort. The cushioned headboard gives proper support to my back while reading books the late night. Moreover, the headboard is in the form of storage, i.e. There is enough space behind the same to keep certain bed essentials. The size of the bed is amazing, and the quality is worthy of its price.”

The process of buying new bedroom furniture may be a pain now, but if you work at it, it will be worth it in the end. After all, who knows, one day your home may be someone else's inspiration!