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Where can I buy a double bed with storage in India?

A double bed is big enough for two people to feel comfortable and relaxed. But, the double bed with storage offers comfortable sleeping space with extra space to store your belongings easily.


An excellent looking bed always balances your desires and needs.

Every type of double beds with storage are built in numerous designs and styles with variants in the storage options. These come in the different type of wood finishes which make the room look adorable. These beds are not rustic in their look, but the designer patterns carved on it looks graceful and endearing.


To give a long-lasting nature and robustness to the furniture, these beds are made of hardwoods. The hardwoods like Mango and Sheesham are the best for it. I have done significant research about where you can buy double bed storage and different type of double bed with storage.


You can buy double bed with storage from various online stores like- Wooden Street, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder. These stores have high-quality products at a reasonable price.


To make your work easier, below I have mentioned various types of the double bed with storage available at these stores.

King Size Bed :

When you have enough room space to sprawl out, king size bed with storage is the suitable option. This type of double bed provides luxurious comfort. King size bed doesn’t fit well in smaller bedrooms. The best thing about king size bed, however, these beds balance out larger bedrooms beautifully.

Queen Size Bed :

The queen size bed is the ideal choice for the guest’s room or small master bedrooms. The small size of this double bed with storage saves space and leaves more space to walk around.
This is the suitable option for those who like to redecorate often as it is easier to move around. When it comes to comfort, the height and the dimensions of this double bed with storage are conducive for convenient climbing and cosiness.

Poster Bed :

The poster beds are designed with the long posts, placed one at each corner. These posts can be used to support curtains and canopies for both functional and decorative purpose. These double beds are also available with the storage option where you can easily store extra stuff.

Trundle Bed :

The double bed with trundle is a low bed with wheels, placed beneath a taller bed that can be easily pulled out when necessary. This style of double bed with storage are great space-saver.

Upholstered Bed :

The upholstered bed is structured with frames and headboard which are covered and padded in the fabric. Its soft padding makes the headboard more comfortable with the classy look. These double beds with storage are available in various colours and textures and can be chosen according to your taste and comfort.


Hydraulic Bed :

The hydraulic beds provide a sufficient amount of storage space which you can access easily. These double beds have built-in storage underneath the mattress area and can be easily accessible by the gas lift mechanism. These beds are perfect for people living in small apartments, as these come with secret pockets, which allow space to hide unwanted items. By this style of double bed with storage, you can easily double your storage space.

Conclusion  :

The double bed with storage can bring up grandeur and add comfort to your bedroom. The decor's appeal can be enhanced many times with the inclusion of a double bed in the bedroom.

Online furniture store like Wooden Street has an extensive collection of good looking and comfortable wooden double beds. You can choose according to your requirements; they come in two options a storage type and another one without storage.

To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 woodenstreet.com.