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Interior Design: What are some innovative idea for wall decoration?

Don’t Miss! Top 3 Approaches To Arrange Wall Arts In Your Home


If you are planning to renovate your interior or set up a new decor for your home, you'll need to think about the dead or empty walls. I think by making these walls attractive, you are making your home livelier and inviting.


It is said that – when you return your home at the end of the day, it should offer you a unique environment that enhances your comfort also.


Recently, I have renovated my home, and initially, it was a tough task for me. I was struggling with an issue that how to make these empty walls more appealing. Finally, I found that the wall arts offer you great opportunity to make your home more beautiful.

Nowadays, it's easy to buy wall arts online from stores like Wooden Street. To make my home perfect, I had done considerable research on different ideas to arrange the art pieces.

So, below I am sharing different approaches, which you can easily use in your home to


conquer the problem of empty walls:


One-And-Done Approach:

Well, this idea is an easy way to decorate any empty wall attractively. We, usually prefer a unique opportunity to put something on full space and decorate it by single wall art only. Finding that something special piece which fits precisely can be a daunting task. Whatever piece or whichever style you choose, keep in mind that it should be something you love so, take your time with the search.


Select the single wall art painting that matches the feel you want in your room. After that, you can work its dimension to maximize impact on the art wall.

Hang your artwork at a logical spot – centred above sofa or bed, between two accent pieces and many more ways.


Doubling Up Approach :

By merging two of a kind, you can make a one which introduces greater structure interest. With this idea, you can mix two art works and make them work together. The style of this approach lies in its flexibility, as it can be modulated and executed however you want.


In two ways you can use artworks for this approach: Two related pieces are paired together or as one piece which divided into two frames.

The key feature of this idea is to create a consistent look, so both the pieces should have matching frames and align horizontally on the wall. Make sure that you choose a wall art which is similar to the other one in any way.


Group Together Approach :

Decorating a gallery wall is an evergreen trend, it is essential for large and unfilled walls in a right and unique way. All it needs few stylish pieces, thoughtfully and lovingly grouped, to breathe life into the dead walls.


This approach is versatile : you can use a mere handful of frames or an eclectic pattern, and can be aligned on a centre axis or starting from a single point.


For proper justice to this idea, a healthy mix of size and shape of different art works is the best way. Use sleek black frames, to give a modern look with crispness. For a clean light touch, white is the evergreen option. If you want something different, then go for any colour of finish and let your imagination run with the wall art pieces. But, make sure that pieces beautifully show a particular theme and maintains the continuity of the design.

Conclusion :

Wall art decor is key to successfully decorate your room and transform it into something utterly breath-taking. These art pieces offer you the way to redecorate your living mansion.

If you are planning to buy wall decor paintings online, you can get the perfect piece according to your requirements at Wooden Street.


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