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What are the best study table available online?

Even if you are not around those reading and writing college days, but the idea of introducing a perfectly designed study table should never be ignored. The importance of a study table in our abode is utmost whether you are working late night or your kids are doing daily homework, study table provides the best platform to sit and study attentively.
Study table is the best to keep the study room well-organised and will also provide a dedicated place to study attentively. You can place all the stationery, important files, assignment and other itsy-bitsy systematically.
So, now coming to the question, i.e., what are the best study table available online, the answer is mostly all the online furniture stores like the urban ladder, pepperfry and wooden street serve the study table online. But, the one that made me go a gasping ‘wow’ over their collection is Wooden Street.
They not only provide catalogued furniture units for your home but also have the customisation facility where you can create your furniture using your imagination. Thus, making it easier to buy the study table online of your choice.
I came across the five best designs of study table online that caught my eye, let’s go through them one by one.

1. Bruce study table:
Starting with a simple design Wooden Street own, the Bruce study table is a simple and compact design. The design of the Bruce is so adjustable that it can be placed anywhere in the abode and the installation requires zero efforts. If you don’t want a complicated design and are not worried about the storage, then this understated elegant design is perfect for you.



2. Holger Foldable Wall Mounted Table:
The Holger foldable wall mounted table is the ideal study table if you have less space in the room to accommodate an extra furniture unit. This wall mounted foldable table will be affixed to the corner of the room and has multiple shelves to display your collection of showpieces and prizes, etc.
The beauty of this study table is that when it is unfolded, it converts into a storage space that can hold all your important documents inside it securely and also provides writing desk so that you can keep your laptop and work attentively.

3. Canyon Wall-Mount Study Table With Shelf:
Another design that saves a lot of floor space in your study room. The canyon wall mount study shelf is a chic and compact study table that is affixed on the wall. This design has a precise modern design which bestows elegance in the room.
It can be fitted into any place without much efforts, and it also has a wall-mounted storage cabinet above the desk where you can store all your books and stuffs.
This makes the entire decor look subtle and beautiful.




4. Amstel study table cum bookshelf:
What if you have a study table that serves as two furniture unit, amazing, right? The Amstel study table cum bookshelf as the name speaks is a study table that has a bookshelf attached to the writing desk. It makes the full use of the space in the study room so you might need to get a check on the dimension of the study room.
With this design, you need not to worry about the storage space. Assemble all your books in the cupboard attached to the desk and display all the antique items and your achievements on the shelves above as well as below the desk.

5. Olay Loft Study Table With BookShelf:
This industrial style study table has laddered shelves that you can use to flaunt your exquisite collection of showpieces. Use the table top to place your laptop and work. Olay loft study table is a unique design and goes well with a modern decor.

Study table is carved to de-clutter the study room and make it look well-organised and systematic. Go ahead and view the best collection of wooden study table from woodenstreet.com mentioned above and explore other designs too. They also provide customisation if you are looking for something out of the run.
Happy shopping!!