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5 Ravishing Hanging Light Designs for Modern Interiors

Lighting effects are getting more and more in trend these days for these are known to add an X-factor to the ambience. Lamps and other lighting are decor articles with decorative light effects.
It isn’t just the decoration of the light effects, but also the trendy styles of the lamps and lighting that make these one lavish unit for the interiors.
Hanging lights are designer lighting units that suspend down from the ceiling. These are decorative in design, and whether lit up or not, they give a good look to the interior. There is a variety of hanging lights available in the market. Some of the decorative designs of hanging lights have been described below.


Different Hanging Light Designs


Birdcage Style Hanging Light
This is a mesh or network pattern of the hanging light. The design is pretty neat, and joins three hexagons, because of which the width of the pattern is varied. The light is suspended from the ceiling with a thick metal wire, coming out from a cup which is attached to the ceiling.
This is a trendy design and looks good with the room interiors of contemporary times. Also, according to the other decor items in the room, you could choose from the various colours. Black, copper and gold are the three variants.


Goblet Model of Hanging Light
This is an inverted goblet model of the hanging light with a polished surface. The light hangs with the help of a chain attached to the tapered top of the goblet. The chain design is antique in its look.
This design of the hanging light is best for both modern as well as traditional interiors. According to the colour, the interior can be embellished. The model available in copper looks great in the traditional interiors, while the black one is trendy in design and looks better in the interiors of contemporary times.


Vane Style Hanging Light
This is one inventive design of hanging lights. Hollow frames of varying sizes are attached to a single central axis perpendicularly. A light unit is attached inside each of the frames. One can use different light colours to use this hanging light more creatively.
This unit is available in gold and black and is much suited to the themes of modern time interiors.


Jewel Design Hanging Light
Going with the name, the design of this model is just like a diamond. The copper, black and gold coloured pattern mesh adorn the interiors of numerous sorts.

Bell Hanging Light
This is one antique design of the hanging light. The design is more like an oriental bell. Beautiful detailing is carved on the surface of the bell. It is more suited to the interiors of traditional times but would give a tangy look to the contemporary interiors.

Lighting effects change the decor of the interior in awesome ways. Lamps and lighting are the decor articles that give an all-new look to the decor of the room.
Hanging lights are designer lights that can be suspended down from the ceiling. Whether lit up or not, their wonderful design cherishes the interior. These lights come in a variety of designs and styles.
There is the birdcage design of hanging lights, which is a meshed design styled like a birdcage. The goblet design of the hanging light has the look of an inverted goblet. The vane style has numerous open frames attached to a single axis, with a light in each frame. The jewel design is a diamond-shaped mesh pattern of hanging the light. The bell hanging light is one antique design, nicely blended for trendy decors.
Wooden Street has a vast collection of designer decor items as well as furniture units, suiting numerous trendy and traditional interiors.