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5 Attention-Grabbing Benefits of Wooden Trundle bed

If you are a person that like their furniture to work for them a little more than the trundle beds are ideal one for you. Trundle beds are the beds which come with a hidden bed frame beneath it. Hence, you enjoy two beds within one and save a lot of floor space.
Beds are the colossal unit in the bedroom that uses the floor space majorly, and if you get two beds in one frame, it would be wonderful. You will save oodles of space by incorporating pull out trundle bed. And, when you need the extra bed, you can simply pull it out from beneath the primary bed.

I recently purchased a wooden trundle bed online for my kid's bedroom from Wooden Street. It is the best purchase ever and is worth every penny. Basically, the primary bed is the top bed, and the secondary bed has wheels which support smooth mechanism to pull it out. Thus, it is simple and effective.
I have penned the benefits of truckle bed that you can attain! Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Dual comfort, dual bed:
The primary benefit of this furniture unit is that it comes with two beds within one frame and both the beds have sufficient space. So, a person can comfortably sleep on it. It is also beneficial for the kids, so if you have two kids and they are inseparable and want to sleep together, then trundle beds are the best.
You can even use them in the guest room, as guest rooms are generally smaller in size and any colossal unit can make it look much smaller. The trundle beds are the best solution for such rooms.

2. Storage drawers:
Wouldn't it be wonderful if there is an extra ‘extra' in the amazing trundle beds? Yes, the next benefit of these beds is that these come with storage drawers. On the wooden street, the Pear kids trundle bed comes with the storage drawers is a complete package of dual beds as well as ample storage space.
Thus, it will help you keep the things well-organised and de-cluttered. You also have easy access to the storage space, all you have to do is pull it out and dump all the quilts, extra bed sheets and pillows inside it.


3. Wooden trundle beds:
Wooden trundle beds come with an advantage of perfect durability and sturdiness. The solid wood such as sheesham and mango are the ideal material as they have resistance towards natural decay. Hence these will last longer than the other material. The finish options for the wooden material are also extensive, from a natural finish to dark tones everything is available.
Everything appears to much more fun and attractive if you add a splash of colour onto it, so you can even opt for vibrant colors such as blue, yellow, etc.



4. Perfect replacement of diwan:
These pull-out trundle beds can be used as a diwan in the living room. So, when unexpected guests arrive, you can use it as seating space, and if they are staying overnight and you don't have extra beds, then you can simply pull out the bed beneath the trundle bed and give them a comfortable sleeping space.


5. Roll in and save space:
These two in one bed provides two sleeping space while taking the space of only one bed. Thus, it saves a lot of floor space and leaves you with ample floor space that can be used for other purposes.


Conclusion :
The trundle beds provide a classic look to the bedroom. These are space savers and allows you to have the extra bed when needed with the simple ‘pull-out' mechanism. You can view the fantastic collection of trundle beds in different sizes, designs and colors on Wooden Street. They also have the facility of customization, where you can create your personal design, and they will deliver the exact same trundle bed at your doorstep.
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