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7 Ravishing Designs of Wardrobes for Contemporary Interiors

Storage is a pre-requisite in any of the rooms. Wardrobes are the storage furniture for the bedrooms. Whether it be your clothing, footwear, valuables or any other wearable accessories. These furniture units come in a vast variety of materials such as metal and wood. Also, there are numerous styles of these wardrobes available in the market.


These wardrobes do vary in their storage capacity and arrangement of shelves, cabinets and drawers.


Also, there are one door, two door as well as three door wardrobes available in the market.


It isn’t just the purpose of storage but also the aesthetic value of the designer styles of these wardrobes that bestow awesomeness into the interior of the room.


In the following points, I have described some of the beautiful designs of wardrobes.


Amazing Wardrobe Designs


1. Morse Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This is a wonderful designer storage unit that has embossed grids which accent grain pattern of Sheesham wood finely. The storage is a two door almirah with a cabinet at the top, and a relatively smaller one below it. Both, the upper and the lower cabinets are compartmentalized into two halves, with the right cabinet being further shelved.


2. Martin Multi-Utility Wardrobe
The martin wardrobe has fine design of embossed diamond and cross designs alternating over the surface of the wardrobe. The bottom of the wardrobe has two drawers. The storage of this wardrobe is well organised with the compatments made in the cabinet.


3. Florian Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This is a lavish looking wardrobe unit that gives an amazing look to the interior of the room with their wondrous look. There are drawers inside the cabinet which enhance the storage inside this multi-utility wardrobe.


4. Lynet Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This wardrobe has an amazing design of slotted surface that gives it a modular look. The storage of the furniture is well compartmentalized to provide ample and organised storage inside the wardrobe.


5. Swirl Multi-Utility Wardrobe
The aesthetics of this wardrobe unit are subtly gracious and give an amazing look to the interior with their designer look. There is a top cabinet compartment and a relatively smaller one below it. There are drawers inside this wardrobe unit that is useful for keeping valuables safely.


6. Travis Multi Utility Wardrobes
The Travis design of wardrobe accents modernity with its wonderful grid like embossing and engraving grids alternating well. The drawers at the bottom of the wardrobe has drawers that can be accessed without opening the main cabinet.


7. Howler 1 Door Multi-Utility Wardrobe
This design is one to die for and gives an amazing look to the interior of the room. This is best for extra storage with the main almirah or for small storage. The drawers at the bottom enhances the storage capacity of this multi-utility wardrobe.


“Shikha from Bengaluru bought the Florian Multi-utility wardrobe from Wooden Street. She loved the immensity of storage and the wonderful design overlaid over the front surface of this wardrobe. She loved the wonderful service and was in awe of the aesthetics, which surpassed her expectations big time.”


Conclusion :
Storage requirement in the bedroom can be fulfilled using designer wardrobes, which also give an authentic look to the aesthetics of the room. There are numerous designs of these wardrobes available in the market. These different variants differ in their storage, such as shelves, cabinets, and drawers.
These wardrobes also vary in their storage capacity, such as there are one door, two door and three door almirahs.
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Also, you cam check out the numerous varieties of other furniture for numerous purposes.