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7 Fantastic Figurines for Giving A Fab furnish to the Decor

Figurines are amazing units that give an amazing look to the interior of the room. Figurines are small figure depicting cultural events, mythological statuettes, and other animal figures. Figurines look amazing in various scenarios in the house.
The aesthetic value that these wonderful units add to the interior of the room is unmatched.

Figurines are made up of a variety of different materials such as PVC (Poly vinyl Chloride), ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), natural resin and polystone. Polystone is an artificial compound of natural resin and is particularly the most premium quality among all the other variants especially because of the finer details that can be obtained while making figurines from these units.

Numerous figurines can be adorned at different places in the house such as in the bedroom, living room, dining room, study etc.

There are many varieties of figurines online that look great in different rooms and with many other furniture units.

In the following points, I have described several units of figurines that give a decorative look to the interior.


Different Figurine Designs


Pure Buddha Resin Face Idol
This is a wonderful decorative unit that has a serene expressive Buddha face that gives a calming ambience to the surrounding interior of the room.

Buddha figurines

This Buddha's face is available in different colours such as white, red and yellow.


Three White Resin Bunny Figurine
This is a set of endearing bunny figures that give a soothing ambience to the interior of the room. These figurine units can be placed in a number of places such as bedside tables, end table and over many other furniture units.

Rabbit figruines


Teal Buddha Resin Figurine
This is a large Buddha figurine sitting in lotus position, over a lotus, whose presence changes the ambience of the place greatly.

buddha figurines

This figurine looks great in the living room or can also elevate the look of any other open area.


Golden Ganesha Resin Figurine
This Ganesha figurine has been designed as per the interiors of modern trends. The Golden colour of the figurine accents amazement into the surrounding interior.

Ganesha figurines


Silver Seashell Table Bowl
This design is a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary trend. The subtle enchantment that this decor item adds to the interior is unmatched.

seashell figurines

This seashell bowl is also available in golden colour.


Five Performers Figurine Set of 5
This design of figurine depicts Indian tradition and gives the same kind of vibe inside the interior. The five preforming figurines can be arranged in different arrangements giving a wonderful look to the interior of the room.


Red Elephant Resin Figurine
A cuddly looking red elephant is a modish figurine which elevates the look of the interior. This figurine is much suited to the interiors of modern times.

elephant figurines

“Nishka from Pune bought the Amber Buddha Figurine and has enlightened the ambience of her interior. She loved the quality, colour, and the size that is just perfect and worth the cost. She is totally satisfied with the services and the product delivered to her.”


Figurine is designer decor units that give a wonderful look to the interior of the room. These figurine units are made up of a variety of material including PVC, ABS, Resin and polystone. Polystone is one of the best quality materials which gives finer details over the surface of the figurine models. These figurines can be adorned at numerous places such as living room, dining room etc. There are various statuettes that look good in different places.

Wooden Street has a vast collection of figurines of different sorts. Also, you can check out other decor items available on the website such as artificial flowers, photo frames, mirror frames and wall hangings.