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Figurines: To Bring Style And Positivity In Your Home

These days for the decoration of our home, the number of items is available in the market and 'Figurines' is also one of them. This piece can add style and flavour to any empty space easily. These pieces have an appealing and colourful impact as a decorative motif. Also, this decor piece is available in the vast range from a traditional set of figurines and bowl figurines to animal figurines and Buddha figurines.


In search of getting simple and unique figurines for my home, has left me with sufficient knowledge about the importance of different types of figurines. You can buy these figurines online from the store like – Wooden Street. This online store has the number of designs and styles for every type of furniture unit, and one can easily get the right match for their home. Even, I had an excellent experience with this store.


Below, I am describing different types of figurines online available at Wooden Street in reasonable price with high-quality.

Take a look.

Red Elephant Resin Figurine :

Elephants are also known as protectors or guardians of every home and bring good luck to everyone's life.

Elephant figurines


The Red elephant resin figurine is comforting, soothing and relaxing, and it is an outstanding choice for the living area or entryway. This figurine is designed with the ideal blend of glossy red colour and style which can easily brighten and welcomes good luck to any home.

Five Performers Wall Hanging (multi-colour) :

For me, the traditional style of home decor pieces is always calm, comfortable and classic in look. With this type of figurines, you will never be going to feel out of fashion. These pieces form the perfect match with rest of the interior and are consistent. At Wooden Street, Five performers wall hangings in multi-colour give an excellent traditional look with a pinch of style.


Figurines online india


Five performers wall hanging in multi-colour figurine is designed with the perfect blend of mid-range of tones. These soothing bold colours are often the basis of a perfect traditional colour scheme. The deeper hues offer the unique look to your home decor style.


Silver Seashell Table Bowl :

The bowls are now available in the form of decorative figurines which are used to add style to your room. These types of pieces are best suited for places like, if you have countertop, desk, table or shelf that need some styling or variation in look. Decorating such empty places with the bowl is an excellent choice. The silver seashell table bowl figurine is an ideal choice to fill any empty top space of the furniture unit.


Decorative figurines online


This style of figurine can also be used for collecting various personal items and stylishly displaying them. The design of this bowl is timeless and stunning which enhances the look of any furniture unit such as a dining table or coffee table. This design of figurine is an exquisite item, a superb addition to any part of the room that would like to appeal the unique and modern style.

Two Turtles Gold Resin Figurine :

The tortoise is blessed with a long life, so, the people believe it gives long life to us. The two turtle’s gold resin figurine at Wooden Street is a unique and small piece of home decor.


Figurines india


One can use this piece anywhere such as car, living room or any type of the table. This home decor piece will surely bring style and prosperity in our life.

Golden Candle Stand :

To decorate your home in a most interesting, attractive and exotic way, the Golden candle stand figurine is the best option. This product is designed in an enchanting style which captures the essence of any place in a unique way. While this home decor piece is tempting to go crazy because of such a simple design and sparkling colour.

Conclusion :

A simple and unique figurine can easily add oodles of style to any room in your home.

Wooden Street has an extensive collection of designer figurines in all shapes that can adorn the interior of all sorts. For the perfect furniture units, you can also customize the pieces according to your needs and likes.