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Stun the Solo Psyche with Single Beds

Many of us kick the person next to us while sleeping because that is considered truly a “me time”. And if we are all alone in the room, eyes filled with sleep and in front of us is a bed calling us. What could be a feeling better than this?

Well, that is why single beds have been introduced, to fill your sleep with complete snug and supporting a complete stretch. Single beds are especially meant for bachelors and teenagers as they don’t need a big king size bed to spread themselves. Also, the price of the single bed is also affordable which makes it easy for one person to bare the expense all alone.

Along with adding this boon, single beds are also accompanied by many other benefits that make it worth a purchase. Consider the example of Wooden Street that provides so many remarkable options even in the name of single beds. Below are some of the features that Wooden Street accompanies with single beds:

1. Drawer Storage Feature:
Single beds with drawers are meant to provide an additional storage facility along with the bed above it. It is especially meant for rooms that are compact and do not have enough storage spaces. Many times, there are rooms that can bare only one to two wardrobes in it. It is then that single bed with drawers can be helpful as it would provide you with additional storage area along with the wardrobes. You can put your pillows and blankets within or also stuff that is not of daily use. Therefore, secret passage to store much more than expected.

2. Headboard Storage Feature:
This headboard single bed storage is best to compliment your bedtime needs. These beds are the ones that facilitate beds with additional drawers and shelves on their headboards. Therefore, providing spaces to keep in stuff such as medicines, earphones, handkerchiefs etc. Also, some single beds such as Walken single bed with storage on Wooden Street consists of storage spaces that are wide enough to keep books within and are also accompanied by another secret storage area inside it. And the cushioned backrest is broad enough to act as a laptop table.
These are certainly some of the advantages that headboard single bed storage accompanies with them.

3. Low Height Feature:
The low height of single beds is becoming a trailblazer in this era because gone are the days when beds used to be so tall that you had to jump of it. Some twee and tiny beds that are within reach of every individual has stunned the appeal of the room.
Another reason why it is a considered option is that since single beds are generally preferred in rooms of kids, lower heights reduce the risk of getting injured if the kid falls off the bed. Thus, a stellar and a stunner to your homely little space.

4. Trundle Feature:
Trundle single bed is considered to be the best option to go for if your two kids have to share one room. A bed beneath a bed that appears only when you allow it to. So that, your two kids can sleep peacefully without a fight and also, it is amiable to space. Therefore, friendly to every space and aura.

These are the features that Wooden Street offers along with single beds online. All you have to do is analyze your needs, space requirements and your bed are all set to provide a restful sleep.


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